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Gods and Generals
Gods and Generals (2002):
IMDB Listing
Ron Maxwell
Jeff Shaara
Ron Maxwell
Randy Edelman
John Frizzell

Stephen Lang
Jeff Daniels
Robert Duvall
Brian Mallon
C. Thomas Howell
Kevin Conway
Mira Sorvino
Kali Rocha
... Director
... Writer (Novel)
... Writer (Screenplay)
... Original Music by
... Original Music by

... Gen. Stonewall Jackson
... Lt. Col. Joshua Chamberlain
... Gen. Robert E. Lee
... Maj.Gen. Winfield Hancock
... Sgt. Thomas Chamberlain
... Sgt. 'Buster' Kilrain
... Fanny Chamberlain
... Anna Jackson

Gods and Generals is a prequel to Gettysburg. It follows the start of the Civil War up to the Battle of Chancellorsville. The central character is Gen. Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson portrayed by Stephen Lang, who had portrayed Gen. George Pickett in Gettysburg. The film attempts to be as historically accurate as possible. It also goes to great lengths showing Jackson's deep Christian faith as well as the faith of other central characters.

This film drags more than Gettysburg and with a similar length to that film, one has to be a Civil War or history buff to fully enjoy this film.

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