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Tombstone (1993):
IMDB Listing
George P. Cosmatos
Kevin Jarre
Bruce Broughton

Kurt Russell
Val Kilmer
Bill Paxton
Sam Elliott
Powers Boothe
Michael Biehn
Charlton Heston
Dana Delany
... Director
... Writer
... Original Music by

... Wyatt Earp
... Doc Holliday
... Morgan Earp
... Virgil Earp
... Curly Bill Brocious
... Johnny Ringo
... Henry Hooker
... Josephine Marcus

Check out the The Patriot Resource - Film: Tombstone to further explore the facts, fictions and history behind Tombstone.

Tombstone is not the first nor is it the last Western that explores the Tombstone and Earp legend. This movie takes a hard-edged and brutal approach to the Western that parallels Clint Eastwood's well-received Unforgiven. It has so won me over that I have yet to want to watch Kevin Costner's epic and more historically accurate Wyatt Earp.

The acting in the movie is another great show. It's full of larger than life characters from Kurt Russell's Wyatt Earp to Val Kilmer's phenomenal Doc Holliday to Michael Biehn's disturbing Michael Biehn to Powers Booth's bombastic Curly Bill Brocious. Even cameos by Charlton Heston and Billy Bob Thornton are over the top characters. The movie does a good job of playing up some of formula elements of the Western genre with the support of great acting and a simple and direct plot.

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