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The Patriot DVD Extras: Art of War
The Art of War: Pic 1

This is footage of Jason Isaacs (Colonel Tavington) about to decapitate a stunt dummy in a sequence that was eliminated from the film's final cut.

It was part of a shot of Colonel Tavington beheading a Continental soldier in the climactic battle that was ultimately left out of the theatrical edit of the film. The leadup to this shot can be seen as Tavington and his dragoons first charge into the battle, slashing their swords as they go.

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The Art of War: Pic 2

This is a screenshot of Heath Ledger practicing loading and firing a musket. In the featurette, he and Mel Gibson describe the training in Revolutionary period fighting that they received. They were trained by the same musket expert that trained Daniel Day-Lewis for The Last of the Mohicans. During his training, Heath received an injury to his finger. He cut it open handling the weapon while practicing loading and firing.

The Art of War: Pic 4

Screenshot of preparation for a shot down the Continental battle line.

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