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Story Exposition: Page 4
It is now October 1781. Ned and Tom are at Yorktown, Virginia. Ned is using a looking glass to spot vulnerable British soldiers for Tom to pick off. Ned spots Sergeant Peasy and hands the looking glass to Tom. Tom watches as Peasy takes another man and two Indians with him and starts moving off. He tells Ned that Peasy is going after the American spotters. Tom, Ned and two other Indian scouts take off to stop Peasy's patrol.

Sergeant Peasy and his patrol emerges on the beach and begin moving forward warily. Suddenly, they are all cut down by gunfire. The Indians are dead, while Peasy and the young soldier with him are wounded. Tom, Ned and their two Indians step from cover. Tom hands Ned a musket. Ned raises it and takes aim on Peasy. Peasy murmurs a pray, but Ned can't shoot him. They walk away leaving Peasy to help his young companion back to British lines.

As they return to the fortifications at Yorktown, there is no exchange of fire. A single drummer boy is drumming atop the British fortifications. He is joined by a British officer who holds a white flag. Tom and Ned walk across the field as the officer rides to the American side bearing the white flag of truce and surrender.

Back in New York City, Tom waits in line with the note given to him for his boat. When he is given only forty dollars, he confronts the Continental officer. The officer does not back down and then tells him that his 150 acres were sold to land speculators to pay for the war effort. Tom has no choice but to leave. He returns to his son and daughter-in-law and tells them to go north to the Mohawk Valley and build a farm. He gives Ned the money and says he is staying behind.

After Tom bids Ned and his bride fareware, he begins to wander through the streets, which are filled with people dancing and celebrating. Then he spots Daisy's servant Cuffy and goes after her, but loses her in the crowd. He continues hurrying through the crowd. As he is crossing a canal, a background argument can be heard between slaves, who want their freedom as well, and whites. On the other side of the canal, he sees a crowd of kids and in the midst of them is Daisy.

The End.

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