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1. July 9, 1776 - Announcement of the Declaration of Independence
The film begins by doing a good job of setting the atmosphere of New York where partisans celebrated the announcement of the Declaration of Independence and harassed Tories. The film included a depiction of the famous incident when the Sons of Liberty tore down the statue of a horsed King George III and broke off the statue's head.

2. August 1776 - General George Washington issues a warning to New York City. He warns of the coming of the British Army. Many partisans flee the city, while the Tories welcome the coming day.

3. August 27, 1776 - Battle of Brooklyn Heights;
As described in the movie, the irregular American army was no match for the British regulars and were sent into retreat.

4. Date Unknown - Unknown battle a few days after Brooklyn Heights.
Perhaps the Battle of Harlem Heights, but not sure and since there was no specific reference in the movie, the filmmakers were probably intentionally vague on this battle.

5. September 1776 - British Occupy New York.
Few partisans remained in the city when the British arrived in the city. It was now the Loyalists turn to celebrate, which they did. Those partisans who stayed also suffered at the hand of Loyalists who were taking their revenge for the torment they had endured up until then.
The movie does not make any mention or depiction of the burning of the city which took place on September 21, 1776.

6. Spring 1777 - Some northern movement of British from New York.
This event again is vague and it is unknown what real event this references, unless it is the British campaigning in Connecticut.

7. Winter 1777-78 - Valley Forge;
The film makes a passing effort to present the horrible conditions of winter quarters at Valley Forge. Lack of supplies and illness are depicted, but the brevity of the scenes did little to show how severe the conditions were.

8. October 1781 - Battle of Yorktown, Virginia.
The film depicts some standard battle scenes, then the concluding moments when the British raised the white flag.

The film does a great job of developing a gritty setting that draws you in. It also avoids using one standard American flag, but rather variations. Sadly, Tom Dobb ruins the effort by being entirely too contemporary.

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