The Patriot Resource - Tombstone

This section looks at the characters of Tombstone and what roles they play in the story:

1. Wyatt Earp - the famous lawman from Dodge City who has come to Tombstone to start over and make a fortune.

2. Curly Bill Brocius - The affable leader of the outlaw Cowboys.

3. Morgan Earp - Wyatt's younger brother who is still young enough to be wide-eyed.

4. Virgil Earp - Wyatt's older brother, who also has law enforcement experience, but not the famous reputation to go with it.

5. Doc Holliday - Wyatt's friend; well-educated, but a gambler and living hard.

6. Henry Hooker - Powerful rancher who gives Wyatt and his deputies temporary refuge.

7. Johnny Ringo - Curly Bill's morose lieutenant; well-educated, but has a death wish.

8. Josephine Marcus - A beautiful actress whose arrival in Tombstone rocks Wyatt's world.

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