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The Life of Mammals
BBC's The Life of Mammals
Approximately 500 minutes
4 Discs

From BBC Video:
Vast in scope and stunning in imagery and detail, The Life of Mammals is the epic story of 4,000 species that have outlived the dinosaurs and colonized the farthest reaches of the Earth. Emmy® Award-winner Sir David Attenborough ( The Blue Planet: Seas of Life, Planet Earth ) leads viewers on an extraordinary and breathtakingly beautiful exploration of this incredibly diverse group of creatures-from the smallest, the two-inch pygmy shrew, to the largest, the blue whale; from the slowest, the sloth, to the swiftest, the cheetah; from the least attractive, the naked mole rat, to the most irresistible, a human baby.

Episode 1: A Winning Design - David Attenborough makes a worldwide journey of discovery in search of fascinating mammals to illustrate why we mammals are so incredibly successful and diverse.

Episode 2: Insect Hunters - The insect hunters were there at the very beginning of the mammals and are still thriving today. They are one of the great success stories of mammals.

Episode 3: Plant Predators - Some of the biggest predators to walk the Earth are the plant predators, and they face a constant battle. Their prey is heavily armored, often indigestible and sometimes poisonous.

Episode 4: Chisellers - Special tools like chisel-sharp front teeth and underground dwelling enable this group of mammals to feast on the toughest roots and seeds.

Episode 5: Meat Eaters - Meat-eating predators and their prey must evolve speed, endurance and maneuverability to outwit each other. The aggression of the kill means the difference between life and death.

Episode 6: Opportunists - Omnivores will eat whatever is around at the time, making them highly adaptable. Among this group are some of the most charismatic and widespread mammals on the planet.

Episode 7: Return to the Water - With perfect streamlined bodies and great underwater speed, seals, dolphins, porpoises and whales became the new hunters of the sea.

Episode 8: Life in the Trees - A range of adaptations from suction feet to gripping tails to ultra-keen senses help the tree-dwelling mammals to survive and thrive high above the ground.

Episode 9: Social Climbers - In the daily hubbub of monkey life, only those with talent as social wheeler-dealers get ahead.

Episode 10: Food for Thought - Human beings appear to be unique among mammals. We live in huge cities, we walk on two legs and we have language. But how far have we really come from our mammalian heritage? Are we really as different as we think from other mammals?

The Life of Mammals DVD Bonus Features:
Behind the Scenes: Big Cats; Canopies; Cave Bats; Elephants; Grizzly Bears; Platypus
Fact Files: Arctic Fox; Babirusa; Beaver; Blue Whale; Brown Bear/Grizzly Bear; Common Raccoon; Duck-Billed Platypus; European Hedgehog; Florida Manatee; Gelada Baboon; Giant Panda; Giant Pangolin; Gibbon; Harvest Mouse; Koala; Leopard; Lion; Naked Mole-Rat; Natterer's Bat, Otter; Red Howler; Red Kangaroo; Ring-Tailed Lemur; Savannah Elephant; Slender Loris; Toque Macaque; Uakari; Yapok, Water Opposum
Original Score: Blue Whale; The Chimps; Dolpins; Gatherings; Mammals Titles; Mammals End; Working the Earth
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