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BBC Wildlife Specials
BBC Wildlife Specials
Approximately 280 minutes
2 Discs

BBC Video:
Take a look at the lives and habitats of some of the world's most amazing animals! From polar bear to leopard, humpback whale to crocodile, and wolf to eagle, Wildlife Specials takes you on a breathtaking journey around the world for some of the most gripping and touching animal behavior in the wild. This two-disc collection also includes Great Natural Wonders of the World, showcasing some of the Earth's most spectatulcar scenery, and The Greatest Wildlife Show On Earth, displaying the wildest of wild animal behavior!

Episode 1: Polar Bear - Arctic Warrior - Cameras record the habits of the polar bear during its life on the frozen Arctic ice cap. Follow along as they crash into the dens of seal pups, swim between the ice flows and raise their tiny cubs.

Episode 2: Crocodile - Smiling Predator - An in-depth look at the crocodile and its relative, the alligator, in Africa, Australia, and Florida. Although they have survived since the age of the dinosaur, much of their behavior has been hidden - until now.

Episode 3: Leopard - Agent of Darkness - A look at the essential character of the attractive and very smart leopard, revealing how they follow different behaviour patterns at night. Using the most advanced infra-red technology, this program captures them hunting, in territory disputes with other leopards, mating and rearing cubs.

Episode 4: Eagle - Master of the Skies - An in-depth look at the eagle, using new camera techniques, from aerial battles for territory to tender moments spent rearing their young. Features golden eagles in Greece and crowned eagles in Africa, and 13 other species in ten other countries.

Episode 5: Humpback Whale - Giant of the Oceans - Latest research shows the humpback whales' song to be a weapon used in verbal exchanges between bulls fighting over females. These battles can sometimes turn physical, sometimes endangering mothers with vulnerable calves.

Episode 6: Wolf - Legendary Outlaw - Perpetual persecution by man has made the wolf one of the most elusive creatures on earth. Here, the cameras get as close as possible to them, in northern Canada's national park, and in a Transylvanian town on the edge of a forest.

Wildlife Specials DVD Bonus Features:
Great Natural Wonders of the World
Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth
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