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BBC Atlas of the Natural World

From the BBC's internationally renowned, award-winning Natural History unit comes the first release in an extraordinarily ambitious undertaking, BBC Atlas of the Natural World, a unique survey of life on Earth in all its remarkable richness and beauty. This release is actually a collection of four documentary series that aired from 1990 to 2000.

One of the most comprehensive portraits of the Western Hemisphere ever assembled, ranging from:

  • The teeming wildlife and rich geography of the Americas.
  • The inhospitably frozen landscape of Antarctica , the bottom of the world.
  • The spectacular rainforests of South America.
  • The remarkable variety of plant and animal species in Central America and the Caribbean.
  • The songs of the Native Americans.
  • The migration of the Emperor Penguin.
Together, these programs offer remarkable insight into the complex relationship between humans, wildlife, and nature on these three continents and in the waters that surround them.

Documentary Series Episodes & Descriptions:
- Land of the Eagle (1990)
- Spirits of the Jaguar (1996)
- Wild South America (2000)
- Life in the Freezer (1993)

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