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Weaving ancient Irish mythology and history, Riverdance exploded onto the American scene back in the 1990s inspiring a Celtic-themed renaissance that continues to wow audiences today. Hailed as an "infectious blend of music and virtuoso step dancing" by Time , Riverdance: Live From Radio City Music Hall - Two-Disc Collector's Edition includes all the most memorable performances such as the enthralling "American Wake," the rousing "Harbor of the New World," the moving "Homecoming" and the tantalizing "Trading Taps," alongside classic, timeless routines such as "Riverdance," "Thunderstorm" and "Heartland."

"Reel Around the Sun"
"The Heart's Cry"
"Women of Ireland "
"Caoineadh Chú Chulainn"
"Slip Into Spring - The Harvest"
"American Wake"
"Lift the Wings"
"Harbor the New World "
"Trading Taps"
"Russian Dervish"
"Rí Rá (Oscail an Doras)"
"Heartbeat of the World"
"Home & the Heartland"
"Riverdance International" Review:
Back in the mid to late 1990's, Riverdance was part of a resurgence of interest around the world in Irish culture. Riverdance took the traditional Irsh-style of dancing and modernized it as well as supplimented it with other styles of dance (such as flemenco and tap) in an wonderfully entertaining two hour long show. It was all triggered by a 7 minute presentation as part of the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest with a lead pairing of American-born Irish dancers Jean Butler and Michael Flatley. The overwhelming reaction to the number quickly led to a full-blown show being put together. The show's music is iconic as the dance numbers and won composer Bill Whelan a Grammy.

After a successful run in Ireland, Michael Flatley and the company parted ways just before it moved to London. Colin Dunne then stepped into the male leading role. It was Colin and Jean who headlined Riverdance's North American premier in New York City's Radio City Music Hall. The show was a success and Riverdance took North America by storm. The show has since successfully toured Asia, including China. The show's first appearance in China is profiled in a documentary that is one of the extras found on the newly released two-disc DVD.

Riverdance: Live From Radio City Music Hall - Collector's Edition DVD Bonus Features:
Riverdance: The Documentary - 10 Years [1:00]
Riverdance in China [53:00]
Riverdance on the BBC's Pebble Mill [17:00]: an interview with Jean Butler and two Riverdance performances - Oscail an Doras and Trading Taps (with Colin Dunne)
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