The Patriot Resource TV Series

BBC Atlas of the Natural World
Wild South America:
Originally aired: 2000
Approximately 294 minutes

This series won multiple prestigious awards, including: Winner of Best Television Series and Best Photography from the Missoula International Wildlife Film Festival and a BAFTA nomination. The program explores the rich and unique wildlife that inhabits the diverse landscapes of the vast South American continent. From the Antarctic to the Equator, these are lands of great extremes. It has the planet's greatest river system, longest mountain chain, biggest and richest rainforest and driest desert. Using new camera techniques, including infrared night vision cameras, rarely seen animals are revealed, while a specialist aerial cameraman soars over the continent, revealing an entirely new perspective on its varied and romantic landscape.
•  Lost Worlds
•  Mighty Amazon
•  The Great Plains
•  The Andes
•  Amazon Jungle
•  Penguin Shores

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