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The Patriot Resource Comments on Season 2:
After the writers spent the first season feeling out the characters (and dropping a few), this season features the long-running cast of Muppets settled into the mode that they are known for. The writing admittedly is not always sharp with some skits working much better than others. Our personal favorites are the cranky old balcony dwellers Statler and Waldorf, who voice a less-than satisfied audience that nonetheless is faithful in attendence. Unlike the well-known Saturday Night Live sketch series, there are behind-the-scenes storylines sprinkled throughout each episode usually featuring Fozzie Bear, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. Having had to settle for Best of retrospectives, watching entire episodes does take some of the luster off as some skits fall flat or left us scratching our heads. At the same time, we finally can once again watch all the bits from our favorite Muppets.

Complete Second DVD Details:
  • All twenty-four second season episodes
  • Guest Stars by Episode (Listed by Production Order):
    1. Don Knotts
    2. Zero Mostel
    3. Milton Berle
    4. Rich Little
    5. Judy Collins
    6. Nancy Walker
    7. Edgar Bergen
    8. Steve Martin
    9. Madeline Kahn
    10. George Burns
    11. Dom DeLuise
    12. Bernadette Peters
    13. Rudolf Nureyev
    14. Elton John
    15. Lou Rawls
    16. Cleo Laine
    17. Julie Andrews
    18. Jaye P. Morgan
    19. Peter Sellers
    20. Petula Clark
    21. Bob Hope
    22. Teresa Brewer
    23. John Cleese
    24. Cloris Leachman
    Originally Aired: November 18, 1977
    Originally Aired: December 9, 1977
    Originally Aired: November 11, 1977
    Originally Aired: September 23, 1977
    Originally Aired: January 30, 1978
    Originally Aired: October 24, 1977
    Originally Aired: October 7, 1977
    Originally Aired: October 31, 1977
    Originally Aired: September 30, 1977
    Originally Aired: September 16, 1977
    Originally Aired: October 14, 1977
    Originally Aired: November 4, 1977
    Originally Aired: January 23, 1978
    Originally Aired: February 6, 1978
    Originally Aired: March 3, 1978
    Originally Aired: May 15, 1978
    Originally Aired: February 20, 1978
    Originally Aired: March 26, 1978
    Originally Aired: February 24, 1978
    Originally Aired: May 5, 1978
    Originally Aired: February 13, 1978
    Originally Aired: November 21, 1977
    Originally Aired: December 2, 1977
    Originally Aired: May 20, 1978
  • The Muppets Valentine Special
  • The Muppets on the Muppets
  • Weezer & The Muppets Keep Fishin'
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