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Battle of Guilford Courthouse
Battle of Guilford Courthouse

Maj. General Nathanael Greene's decision to retreat proved to be a cautious, but wise decision. Of the British force that had first marched into the battle, nearly one fourth were now casualties, while Greene suffered only about 300 casualties out of mixed force of 4,400 men and more importantly, his core units of Continental regulars were still fresh. In his pursuit of Greene to the Dan River, Lt. General Charles Cornwallis had destroyed his baggage train and he had yet to resupply.

Now in the aftermath of the battle, General Cornwallis was forced to retreat in search of supplies and a safe camp to restrengthen his forces. Although, he could claim victory from the battle, he had suffered far greater losses than General Greene. Following this defeat, Cornwallis, who had grown frustrated with the lack of Loyalist support and constant harassing by partisan bands under Francis Marion, Andrew Pickens and Thomas Sumter, abandoned the Carolinas and marched to Virginia.

2. Morrill, Dr. Dan; Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution
Picture: General Greene Memorial at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

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