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British General Charles Earl Cornwallis
Charles Cornwallis Born: December 31, 1738; Grosvenor Square, London, England
Died: October 5, 1805; Ghazipore, India

Battles: Fort Sullivan, Siege of Charleston, Camden, Guilford Courthouse, Yorktown

- Charles Cornwallis is promoted to Major General.

January 1 - Charles Cornwallis is given a local commission of Lieutenant General.
February - Charles Cornwallis sails for America in command of 2,500 men.
June 28 - Charles Cornwallis serves as Maj. General Henry Clinton's second-in-command at the Battle of Fort Sullivan at Charleston, South Carolina.
August 27 - Charles Cornwallis serves under Maj. General William Howe at the Battle of Long Island, New York.
September 15 - Charles Cornwallis commands at Kip's Bay, New York
November 19 - Charles Cornwallis captures Fort Lee, New Jersey.

January 2 - Charles Cornwallis narrowly misses trapping General George Washington.
January 3 - Charles Cornwallis' rear guard is defeated by General George Washington at the Battle of Princeton, New Jersey.
June 5 - Charles Cornwallis returns to America following leave in England.
June 26 - Charles Cornwallis sees action at Short Hills, New Jersey.
September 11 - Charles Cornwallis commands at the Battle of Brandywine, Pennsylvania.
September 26 - Charles Cornwallis occupies Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
October 4 - Charles Cornwallis leads three battalions of reinforcements to Germantown, Pennsylvania in support of Maj. General William Howe.
December 11 - Charles Cornwallis skirmishes with General George Washington's vanguard at Matson's Ford, Pennsylvania.

January - Charles Cornwallis returns to England on leave.
- Charles Cornwallis is promoted to Lieutenant General.
April 21 - Charles Cornwallis sets sail for America as the second-in-command to new Commander-in-Chief of America, Lt. General Sir Henry Clinton.
June - Charles Cornwallis arrives back in America.
June 28 - Charles Cornwallis is present at the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse, New Jersey.
December - Charles Cornwallis returns to England.

February - Charles Cornwallis' wife Jamima dies.
March - Charles Cornwallis sails back to America.

June 5 - Charles Cornwallis is placed in command of Southern Operation of the British Army in America.
August 16 - Charles Cornwallis defeats Maj. General Horatio Gates at the Battle of Camden, South Carolina.
September 26 - Charles Cornwallis occupies Charlotte, North Carolina.

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