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British General Charles Earl Cornwallis
Charles Cornwallis Born: December 31, 1738; Grosvenor Square, London, England
Died: October 5, 1805; Ghazipore, India

Battles: Fort Sullivan, Siege of Charleston, Camden, Guilford Courthouse, Yorktown

December 31 - Charles Cornwallis is born in London, England.

- Charles Cornwallis purchases an Ensign's commission in the Grenadier Guards and then attends a military academy in Turin, Italy.

- Charles Cornwallis' regiment is called to serve in the Seven Years' War.
- Charles Cornwallis becomes aide-de-camp to the Maquis de Granby.

August 1 - Charles Cornwallis is present at the Battle of Minden.
August - Charles Cornwallis is promoted to Captain in the 85th regiment and returns to England.

January - Charles Cornwallis is elected to Parliament.

May 1 - Charles Cornwallis is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of the 12th Foot.
July 15 - Charles Cornwallis' unit sees action at Vellinghausen, Germany.

June - Charles Cornwallis' father dies.
November - Charles Cornwallis assumes his seat in the House of Lords.

March - Charles Cornwallis votes against the Stamp Act in Parliament.
July - Charles Cornwallis is named a lord of the bedchamber.
August - Charles Cornwallis is named aide-de-camp to King George III.

March - Charles Cornwallis votes against the Declaratory Act in Parliament.
March - Charles Cornwallis purchases a Colonel's commission in the 33rd Foot.

- Charles Cornwallis marries Jemima Tullekin Jones.

- Charles Cornwallis resigns as lord of the bedchamber to become the joint vice treasurer of Ireland.

- Charles Cornwallis becomes a member of the King's Privy Council.

- Charles Cornwallis becomes Constable of the Tower of London.

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