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News Articles:
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Show News (Posted 6/7/09): Eclipse Magazine: Michael Shanks Online Launches Charity Auction
Crew News (Posted 6/5/09): the Futon Critic: First Look: Virtuality - Ron Moore
Cast News (Posted 6/5/09): IGN: Exclusive First Look: Angel of Death - Lucy Lawless
Show News (Posted 6/5/09): SciFi Wire: BSG's Olmos reveals why The Plan will leave you gasping
Opinion (Posted 6/4/09): NewScientist: Lost in Space - The science of Battlestar Galactica
Show News (Posted 6/3/09): Variety: VFX Emmy contenders do more with less
Cast Interview (Posted 6/3/09): Jamie Bamber's sci-fi fan adoration
Crew News (Posted 6/2/09): io9: Ron Moore's Ten-Year Space Mission Launches Early
Cast News (Posted 6/2/09): Fall schedules revealed - Aaron Douglas
Review (Posted 5/30/09): DVD Times: Battlestar Galactica: The Final Season

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Opinion (Posted 5/29/09): Why our 'amazing' science fiction future fizzled
Cast News (Posted 5/28/09): SFUniverse: Flanigan, Helfer Guest on Warehouse 13 - Mark Sheppard
DVD News (Posted 5/28/09): No 'Face of the Enemy' in BSG: The Complete Series set?
Cast News (Posted 5/28/09): Casting Scoops - Warehouse 13 - Tricia Helfer & Michael Hogan
Cast News (Posted 5/27/09): Paul Gross, Sienna Guillory to star in Gunless - Callum Keith Rennie
Cast News (Posted 5/27/09): Comic Book Resources: Would Katee Sackhoff make a good Typhoid Mary?
Cast News (Posted 5/27/09): Alan Burnett Discusses Green Lantern: First Flight - Tricia Helfer
DVD Review (Posted 5/27/09): Den of Geek: Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 DVD box set review
Show News (Posted 5/27/09): Nashua Telegraph: Science fiction conventioneer files backruptcy
Cast News (Posted 5/26/09): 'The Conduit' on the Nintendo Wii - Mark Sheppard

Show News (Posted 5/26/09): VFX World: Launches 15 New Games
Cast News (Posted 5/26/09): PR Newswire: LMN Presents the Crime of Fashion Mysteries - Mary McDonnell
Cast News (Posted 5/26/09): TV Squad: BSG's James Callis returns to Sci Fi ... in one of those TV movies
Cast News (Posted 5/22/09): The Washington Post: Surprise, It's the President Of the Colonies - Mark Sheppard
Cast News (Posted 5/22/09): IGN: Smallville - Season 8 Review - Sam Witwer
Cast News (Posted 5/22/09): DVDTown: Green Lantern: First Flight - animated original movie - Tricia Helfer
Cast News (Posted 5/20/09): Golden Apple: Starbuck is the new Typhoid Mary???
Cast News (Posted 5/19/09): BuddyTV: Battlestar Galactica - Sackhoff's Pilot Put on the Shelf
Show News (Posted 5/18/09): BSG Season 4.5 & Complete Series Packaging
Opinion (Posted 5/18/09): Battlestar Thank you Mr Ron D. Moore

Show News (Posted 5/16/09): ScreenRant: Awesome Battlestar Galactica Prop Auction Pics
Cast News (Posted 5/15/09): TV Guide: Battlestar Vet Goes Very, Very Bad for Numbers Finale - James Callis
Cast Interview (Posted 5/13/09): SciFi Wire: Battlestar's Grace Park reveals her part in The Plan
Cast News (Posted 5/12/09): IGN: Human Target Lives; Reaper Dead? - Tricia Helfer
Cast News (Posted 5/12/09): NBC Passes on David E. Kelly, Dick Wolf Pilots - Katee Sackhoff
Cast Interview (Posted 5/12/09): SciFi Wire: Battlestar's Kate Vernon on Caprica, The Plan
Comic Book News (Posted 5/11/09): Comic Book Resources: Battlestar Galactica: The Finale Five #2 Preview
Show News (Posted 5/11/09): Monsters & Critics: In Photos: Battlestar Galactica Auction Preview
Show News (Posted 5/7/09): Bear's Battlestar Blog: "Music of Battlestar Galactica" SoCal Tour, Summer '09!
Show News (Posted 4/22/09): Bear's Battlestar Blog: 2 BG Mx Docs Coming Soon!

Cast Interview (Posted 5/11/09): SciFi Wire: Battlestar's Michael Trucco teases The Plan, Caprica
Show News (Posted 5/7/09): LA Weekly: LA Weekly's BSG Prop Awards
Show News (Posted 5/7/09): Charges say man's sci-fi conferences were fictitious
Show News (Posted 5/4/09): SF Universe: Galactica on the Auction Block, One More Time
Show News (Posted 5/4/09): Now Up For Bid, Everything Battlestar Galactica
Review (Posted 4/26/09): Is Lee Adama the New (And Not So Improved) Thomas Jefferson?
Show News (Posted 4/22/09): Zap2It: Battlestar & Caprica come to Paley Fest with Patron
Show News (Posted 4/22/09): CrunchGear: Battlestar fan? Look to Zune Marketplace for your Caprica Needs
Show News (Posted 4/21/09): TV Week: Caprica Stands on Its Own at PaleyFest
Show News (Posted 4/21/09): IGN: Battlestar Galactica: The Plan - New Footage Seen

Comic Book News (Posted 4/20/09): Comic Book Resources: New Battlestar Galactica Origins: Adama
Comic Book News (Posted 4/20/09): Comic Book Resources: New Battlestar Galactica: Season Zero Vol. 2
DVD News (Posted 4/20/09): DVD Times: Battlestar Galactica: The Final Season (R2) in June
DVD News (Posted 4/18/09): Complete Series and Season 4.5 in DVD or Blu-ray
Review (Posted 4/17/09): TV Fodder: Battlestar Galactica - Key Points from "Daybreak" (Parts 1-3)
Show News (Posted 4/17/09): Gizmodo: My Other Ride's a Battlestar Galactica Raptor
DVD News (Posted 4/15/09): Trailers Promote The Complete Series on DVD & Blu-ray
Show News (Posted 4/14/09): Eclipse Magazine: Battlestar Galactica & Caprica Producer David Eick
Show News (Posted 4/13/09): Los Angeles Times: Battlestar Galactica's UN visit goes online
Comic Book News (Posted 4/13/09): Comic Book Resources: Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five #1

Crew Interview (Posted 4/13/09): Caprica Prod. Jane Espenson Redefines Racism in BSG Universe
Opinion (Posted 4/11/09): io9: Where Have All the Good Times Gone?
Show News (Posted 4/10/09): Los Angeles Times: CSI: Caprica? Not quite, but Battlestar fans should tune in
Show News (Posted 4/10/09): SF Universe: Final Battlestar Galactica Auction Set for May
Review (Posted 4/9/09): There is no way out of here
Show News (Posted 4/8/09): Comic Book Resources: ECCC: Battlestar Galactica
Show News (Posted 4/8/09): Washington Independent: The Right Imitates Battlestar Galactica
Show News (Posted 4/7/09): TVByTheNumbers: BSG finale Nielsen ratings surge with DVR viewing
Cast News (Posted 4/6/09): Hollywood Reporter: SciFi Casts Riverworld, The Phantom - Tahmoh Penikett
Cast News (Posted 4/6/09): New Street Date for Green Lantern: First Flight on DVD - Tricia Helfer

Crew News (Posted 4/6/09): Lucasfilm's Red Tails Begins Production - Anthony Hemingway
Cast News (Posted 4/3/09): DVDTalk: Play the Game Review - Paul Campbell
Review (Posted 4/3/09): Wired: A Long Ramble About Battlestar Galactica
Crew News (Posted 4/2/09): Bear's Battlestar Blog: I am Scoring a Video Game - Bear McCreary
Review (Posted 4/1/09): Wired: Battletoad Galactatrix - Series Finale: One Jockdad's Review
Crew Interview (Posted 4/1/09): The Examiner: BSG's Bear McCreary: looking back and life after BSG

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