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December 2008 News Articles:
(Listed by publication date)

Review: Boston Herald: Battlestar blasts off with gripping Web series

(more articles below)

Review: Paste Magazine: "The Face of the Enemy" Webisode Part 6 Review
Show News: New York Times: NBC Bridges Series Gaps With Online Minidramas

Review: Chicago Tribune: The Battlestar Galactica-thon continues: Re-watching Season 2
Cast News: Los Angeles Times: Faces to Watch: Tahmoh Penikett

Review: Social Media Portal: Open Casting Call for Two Fan Commentators for BSG Auction

Review: Paste Magazine: "The Face of the Enemy" Webisode Part 5 Review

Review: Paste Magazine: "The Face of the Enemy" Webisode Part 4 Review
Crew Interview: SciFi Scanner: BSG's Ron Moore Promises Final Cylon Reveal Will Be...
Comic Book News: Comic Book Bin: Gears of War Story Consultant Releases Fantasy Novel
Crew Interview: Zap2It: Even More Moore, What Doing Battlestar Galactica Has Taught Him

Crew Interview: Zap2It: Battlestar's Ron Moore on Trek Polls and Caprica (Part 1)

Crew Interview: Zap2It: Battlestar's Ron Moore on Past and Future Trek (Part 1)
DVD Review: The Digital Bits: The Spin Sheet - BSG: Season 4.0
Cast News: Portland Speed Industries - Katee Sackhoff
Review: Paste Magazine: "The Face of the Enemy" Webisode Part 3 Review

Show News: SciFi Wire: BSG: The Plan Secrets Teased
Show News: Eclipse Magazine: BSG: The Auction - Catalog Now avialble Online!
Cast News: IF Magazine: TV Review: Leverage - 'The Two Horse Job' - Mark Sheppard

Show News: SciFi Wire: More On The Battlestar Webisodes
Crew News: Hollywood Reporter: Tom Fontana a Philanthropist again - David Eick
Cast Interview: IF Magazine: Exclusive TV Interview: Mark Sheppard
Show News: Multichannel News: Cable Gets Biggest Ratings' Lift From Time-Shifting

Crew News: SciFi Wire: Dollhouse is just fine - Jane Espenson
Review: Paste Magazine: "The Face of the Enemy" Webisode Part 2 Review
Cast News: Chicago Tribune: BSG actor guests on Big Bang Theory - Michael Trucco
Cast News: Buddy TV: The Big Bang Theory: "Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" - Michael Trucco

Show News: Denver Post: Sci Fi expands horizons as Battlestar nears end

Crew News: io9: You May Never Get To See Ron Moore's Masterpiece

Crew News: SF Universe: Ron Moore's Virtuality May Be Delayed
Show News: TV Guide: BSG Scribe Jane Espenson Sheds Light on New Webisodes
Review: Chicago Tribune: Battlestar Galactica-thon, Part 3
Review: TV Squad: New Battlestar Galactica Webisode
Review: Battlestar Galactica Webisode #1 review
Show News: Wired: Battlestar Galactica Webisodes Begin With a Bloody Gaeta
Review: Snap Judgment: Battlestar Galactica webisodes

Crew News: Seattle Times: My Name is Bruce Movie Review - Mark Verheiden

Cast News: Buddy TV: Michael Trucco to Appear on The Big Bang Theory

Show News: Chicago Tribune: The Battlestar Webisode schedule is here
Show News: TV Guide: Battlestar Galactica Webisodes to Premiere Dec. 12

Review: Chicago Tribune: BSG-thon Part 2: Watching the whole interstellar adventure again
Comic Book News: Comic Book Resources: New BSG: Season Zero Volume 1 Preview

Opinion: LA Times: Sunday Conversation: Battlestar's Jamie Bamber
Show News: LA Times: Sci Fi charts its course for the future

Show News: io9: Bid On BSG's Life Size Raider Or The Cylon Resurrection Hot Tub
Show News: TV Shows on DVD: Race Between Lost and BSG for 1st Complete Series Blu-ray?

Cast Interview: Dreamwatch: Michael Hogan - Saul Man
Show News: TV Squad: Bid on Starbuck's gym shorts

Cast News: Press-Citizen: Student takes a break on film set - Kandyse McClure
Show News: Chicago Tribune: Caprica,' a BSG prequel, gets the green light

Show News: Variety: Sci Fi Channel Greenlights BSG Prequel
Show News: Chicago Tribune: Merry Cylons! BSG Webisodes to stuff your stocking soon

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