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June 2008 News Articles:
(Listed by publication date)

Cast Interview (Posted 6/30/08): Ken Hawryliw Interview
Crew News (Posted 6/30/08): Zap2It: FOX Expands Inseparable, Virtuality Casts - Ron Moore

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Show News (Posted 6/29/08): ScreenRant: Battlestar Galactica TV Movies In The Pipeline?
Review (Posted 6/29/08): Digital Spy: Battlestar Galactica- Season Four Review

Show News (Posted 6/28/08): Los Angeles Times: Is a Battlestar Galactica TV movie deal nearly done?

Opinion (Posted 6/27/08): TV with MeeVee: Conspiracy Corner: They're All Cylons
Cast/Crew News (Posted 6/27/08): BuddyTV: Battlestar Galactica Cast and Crew Move On to New Pilots

Show News (Posted 6/26/08): Emmy series top 10 lists released
Show News (Posted 6/26/08): Digital Spy: Galactica producer expects Emmy snub
Opinion (Posted 6/26/08): Ventura County Reporter Online: Alternate reality

Opinion (Posted 6/25/08): Huffington Post: DVDs: TV Show Boxed Set Rip-Offs

Cast News (Posted 6/24/08): Hollywood Reporter: Tricia Helfer joins Inseparable
Crew Interview (Posted 6/24/08): Ron Moore Talks Movies (Past and Future)
Crew News (Posted 6/24/08): Zap2It: FOX Beams New Amsterdam Star Into Virtuality

Opinion (Posted 6/22/08): The Canadian Press: BSG tackles issues like terrorism, genocide, new book says
Crew Interview (Posted 6/22/08): More from TV composers Michael Giacchino and Bear McCreary
Crew Interview (Posted 6/22/08): Michael Giacchino and Bear McCreary, score keepers

Crew Interview (Posted 6/21/08): Exclusive Interview: Ron Moore - Fighting The Trek Clichés
Review (Posted 6/21/08): TV Fodder: Battlestar Galactica: Our Extended Recap of "Revelations"

Cast News (Posted 6/20/08): Hollywood Reporter: Witwer, Freeman two new Smallville villains - Sam Witwer

Analysis (Posted 6/18/08): ComicMix: BSG's Mark Verheiden on Cylon Amnesty and Finding Earth

Cast News (Posted 6/17/08): The Hollywood Reporter: Three actors join TV series - Paul Campbell

Review (Posted 6/16/08): IGN: Battlestar Galactica: "Revelations" Review
Show News (Posted 6/16/08): Futon Critic: BSG's Mid-Season Finale Leads SciFi to Double-Digit Ratings Gains
Cast Interview (Posted 6/16/08): TV Squad: Jane Espenson on Battlestar Galactica's mid-season finale
Show News (Posted 6/16/08): Daily Sundial Online: Galactica crew finds Hollywood
Show News (Posted 6/16/08): Multichannel: BSG Mid-Season Finale Ratings Down But Female Demo Jumps

Review (Posted 6/14/08): Battlestar Galactica Comes Home
Opinion (Posted 6/14/08): Cinema Blend: Questions To Ponder While Battlestar Galactica Is On Hiatus
Review (Posted 6/14/08): BSG: Apocalypse Now
Opinion (Posted 6/14/08): TV Guide: What on Earth: Battlestar Galactica, Lost finales
Opinion (Posted 6/14/08): BuddyTV: Battlestar Galactica - Be Careful What You Wish For
Review (Posted 6/14/08): Battlestar Galactica: Scorched Earth
Analysis (Posted 6/14/08): Bear's Blog: BG4: "Revelations"
Review (Posted 6/14/08): MeeVee: TV Recap: BSG Scorecard: Wait, What Now?
Review (Posted 6/14/08): Zap2It: TV Recap: Battlestar Galactica - Earth
Review (Posted 6/14/08): Cinema Blend: TV Recap: Battlestar Galactica - Revelations

Show News (Posted 6/13/08): On the Scene: 'Battlestar Galactica's mid-season finale screening
Review (Posted 6/13/08): TV Squad: Battlestar Galactica: Revelations
Review (Posted 6/13/08): TV Recap: Battlestar Galactica - "Revelations": No sleep till Brooklyn
Review (Posted 6/13/08): BuddyTV: TV Recap: Battlestar Galactica "Revelations" Mid-Season Finale Recap
Crew News (Posted 6/13/08): Ronald D. Moore Goes Virtual On Fox
Cast Interview (Posted 6/13/08): MediaBlvd Magazine: Jamie Bamber Talks Galactica!
Show News (Posted 6/13/08): EOnline: BSG - Learn All About Starbuck's Love Life
Cast Interview (Posted 6/13/08): TV Addict: Battlestar Galactica Star Rekha Sharma Interview
Cast Interview (Posted 6/13/08): The Province: Getting a sense of Huma - Rekha Sharma
Opinion (Posted 6/13/08): Battlestar Galactica - what the frack is going on?
Cast Interview (Posted 6/13/08): TV Guide: Katee Sackhoff on the BSG Finale: "I Want Closure"
Show News (Posted 6/13/08): Chicago Tribune: Battlestar's final season expands; TV movie looking good

Show News (Posted 6/12/08): Movieweb: Battlestar Galactica Invades Hollywood!
Crew Interview (Posted 6/12/08): Exclusive Interview: Ron Moore On Breaking Out of The Box
Show News (Posted 6/12/08): Wired: L.A. Fans Get Sneak Peek at Battlestar's 'Revelations'
Opinion (Posted 6/12/08): MeeVee: Handicapping The Odds: Who Will Die On BSG?
Show News (Posted 6/12/08): Vancouver Sun: Battlestar Galactica Spinoff Filming in Town - Caprica

Show News (Posted 6/11/08): The Futon Critic: Live at the Battlestar Galactica Midseason Finale Premiere
Opinion (Posted 6/11/08): Variety: Similarities between Battlestar, Wire
Cast News (Posted 6/11/08): LATimes: Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackhoff rev up their motorcycles

Show News (Posted 6/10/08): io9: Richard Hudolin, Battlestar's Design Genius - Caprica
Opinion (Posted 6/10/08): BuddyTV: BSG: Five Things We Hope to See Before the Hiatus
Review (Posted 6/10/08): ComicMix: BSG's Jane Espenson on "The Hub"
Crew Interview (Posted 6/10/08): TV Guide: Battlestar Galactica "The Hub" Burning Questions Answered!

Opinion (Posted 6/9/08): BuddyTV: Battlestar Galactica - The Final Cylon
Cast Interview (Posted 6/9/08): Jane Espenson On BSG's Morbid Humor And Superstitious Atheists
Crew Interview (Posted 6/9/08): io9: Jane Espenson On BSG's Morbid Humor And Superstitious Atheists
Opinion (Posted 6/9/08): Chicago Tribune: Battlestar Galactica and Lost: The similarities are spooky

Show News (Posted 6/8/08): Phones Review: Battlestar Galactica gaming coming to mobile via Glu Mobile

Review (Posted 6/7/08): Battlestar Galactica: When I Say Jump
Review (Posted 6/7/08): TV Recap: Battlestar Galactica - "The Hub"
Analysis (Posted 6/7/08): Bear's Blog: BG4: "The Hub"
Review (Posted 6/7/08): Cinema Blend: TV Recap: Battlestar Galactica - The Hub
Review (Posted 6/7/08): TV Squad: Battlestar Galactica: The Hub

Cast News (Posted 6/6/08): India Journal: Rekha Sharma Stars In SCI FI Channel's Battlestar Galactica
Show News (Posted 6/6/08): TV Squad: BitTorrent's Top 10 TV Shows
Review (Posted 6/6/08): BuddyTV: TV Recap: Battlestar Galactica - "The Hub"
Review (Posted 6/6/08): Zap2It: TV Recap: Battlestar Galactica - Roslin's ghost
Show News (Posted 6/6/08): Rock Lords of Kobol

Crew News (Posted 6/5/08): IF Magazine: Witchblade To Be Directed by BSG's Michael Rymer
Show News (Posted 6/5/08): The Hollywood Reporter: Battlestar Galactica mobile game launched
Cast News (Posted 6/5/08): vfxworld: Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer Coming To NVISION 08
Cast Interview (Posted 6/5/08): Zap2It: Two Presidents, A Secret Cylon & Starbuck - Jamie Bamber Speaks

Show News (Posted 6/4/08): Hollywood Reporter: Emmy Watch: Writers and directors
Show News (Posted 6/4/08): Darth Mojo Blog: bsg vfx - a thousand points of light

Review (Posted 6/3/08): ComicMix: BSG's Mark Verheiden on Adama's Motives and Cylon Babies
Opinion (Posted 6/3/08): Hollywood Reporter: Emmy Watch: A look at cable, broadcast drama

Show News (Posted 6/2/08): Watching TV Online - Part 3 Of 4
Cast Interview (Posted 6/2/08): New Zealand Herald: Xena-do - Lucy Lawless

Comic Book News (Posted 6/1/08): Comic Book News: Battlestar Galactica: Origins #6 Preview

Unknown Date:
Crew Interview (Posted Unknown): beliefnet: The Souls of Cylons - Ron Moore Interview
Crew Interview (Posted Unknown): Galactica BS: Terry Moore Q & A
Opinion (Posted Unknown): beliefnet: Born Again Battlestar
Crew Interview (Posted Unknown): Intereview with BSG's Seamus Kevin Fahey
Opinion (Posted Unknown): The Battlestar Galactica Code: the Last Cylon
Crew Interview (Posted Unknown): Interview with BSG's David Weddle

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