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October 2008 News Articles:
(Listed by publication date)

Cast Interview: Galactica.TV: Carl Lumbly Interview
Cast Interview: IGN: From Battlestar to Terminator: Stephanie Jacobsen
Opinion: Brisbane Times: Swapping the bard for Battlestar
Cast News: io9: Why Stephanie Jacobsen Is Our Favorite Robot-Fighting Ninja

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Cast News: Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Mary McDonnell's Secret Revealed!
Show News: Vancouver Sun: Weird going-ons at Lower Mainland haunts

Cast News: Vancouver Sun: Steve Bacic has both feet firmly on the deck
Crew Interview: IF Magazine: Composer Bear McCreary Fights the Future in BSG

Crew Interview: Galactica SitRep: Mark Verheiden Interview

Opinion: io9: Olmos Human, Olmos Not the Man: Why I Quit BSG

Cast News: Chicago Tribune: Katee Sackhoff's brush with the Law
Opinion: io9: Everybody Hates Lee Adama

Cast News: Futon Critic: NBC Completes Full-Season Order Of Knight Rider - Paul Campbell
Cast News: Muscatine Journal: Classic remake not corny for local girls - Kandyse McClure
Cast News: BusinessWire: Audible Announces 'METAtropolis' - Hogan, Juliani, McClure

Cast Interview: Galactica.TV: Jennifer Halley (Seelix) Interview

Cast News: Razor Star Guests on Sarah Connor - Stephanie Jacobsen

Comic Book News: newsarama: Dynamite's BSG: Cylon War Starts in Jan - First Look
Show News: Scifi Channel: BSG Returns on SciFi; Journey's End Draws Near

Cast News: TV on DVD - Horatio Hornblower Collector's Edition - Jamie Bamber

Cast News: VFXWorld: Tricon Claims Sanctuary At MIPCOM - Ryan Robbins
Cast News: The Sun: Bradley's a clown on set - Jamie Bamber
Show News: BSG PC, a masterpiece with stunning attention to detail

Cast News: Vancouver man stars in vamped-up Knight Rider - Paul Campbell
Show News: io9: 7 Deleted Scenes From BSG's 4th Season Answer Some Burning Questions
Show News: TVShowsOnDVD: BSG - Digital Bigs Spills Beans About Possible Blu-ray Plans

Show News: TVShowsOnDVD: Battlestar Galactica: Official Announcement for Season 4.0
Cast News: Pulse 2: Afterlife - Jamie Bamber
Comic Book News: Comic Book Resources: New Battlestar Galactica: Ghosts #1

Show News: NewsOK: Galactica nears its critical mass as a cable TV hit
Show News: io9: Save (Or Destroy) Humanity with BSG, the Board Game

Show News: Action Figure Insider: More BSG MiniMates Announced

Cast News: First Look: Four Images from Pulse 3 - Jamie Bamber
Cast News: Digital Spy: Bamber: BSG could be as big as Who

Cast News: TV Guide: Grey's Plays Doctor with BSG Star
Cast News: Pioneer Local: October horror movie picks: Pulse 2: Afterlife - Jamie Bamber
Opinion: The Deadbolt: 6 Reasons Why Battlestar Galactica Should Follow Clone Wars
Show News: Mail Online: Lorry driver banned for watching BSG as he drove along motorway

Cast News: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Preview - Tricia Helfer
Show News: /film: Cool Stuff: Cylon Raider Artisan Replica

Opinion: Discover Magazine: BSG: Earth, And Why You Shouldn't Believe The Rumor

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