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September 2008 News Articles:
(Listed by publication date)

Cast Interview: Galactica.TV: Lucy Lawless Interview

(more articles below)

Cast News: Broadcast Newsroom: BSG Artists Recognized with 2008 Emmy for Special VFX
Cast News: Jam Showbiz: Border sits on edge - Grace Park

Opinion: SFUniverse: A Political Ticket for Battlestar Fans

Cast News: IGN: Smallville: Plastique review - Sam Witwer
Crew News: TV Week: NBC Sends Philanthropist Abroad - David Eick
Cast News: Jamie Bamber shocked at Battlestar success
Show News: Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal: FVideo firm helps promote series

Show News: Redeye Chicago: BSG offers up Raider replicas - and the real thing

Cast News: BuddyTV: Exclusive Interview: Sam Witwer of Smallville
Cast News: San Francisco Bay Guardian: Blunt "Force" - Samuel Witwer

Cast News: Canadian Press: Knight Rider series 'bigger, better...' than pilot - Paul Campbell
Cast News: EOnline: Grey's Anatomy: Mary McDonnell to Guest Star
Cast News: AppScout: - Get Your Celebrity Schwag

Cast News: Chicago Tribune: BSG actress takes Grey's Anatomy gig: Mary McDonnell
Cast News: PowerUP launched at star-studded TIFF event - Aaron Douglas
Crew News: Ars Technica: Tricia Helfer playing Black Cat in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
Crew News: Broadcasting & Cable: Fontana, Silverman Differ on Philanthropist - David Eick

Cast News: Eastside Business: Edward Olmos to Keynote Hopelink Annual Benefit Luncheon

Cast News: LiveJournal: [Review] G4 - Saturday talks - Rick Worthy

Crew News: Hollywood Reporter: SciFi Picks Up Warehouse 13 - Jane Espenson

Show News: Wired: Internal Battlestar Book Salutes Cast, Crew
Show News: DarthMojo: The True History of the Cylons
Opinion: Emmy nominations that should have been

Cast Interview: newsarama: Battlestar to Dollhouse: Tahmoh Penikett Talks Helo, Whedon
Cast News: GameDaily: Star Wars: Force Unleashed Launch (XB360) - Sam Witwer
Show News: NewTeeVee: IMDB Gets Full TV Shows and Films
Cast Interview: Kotaku: Secret Apprentice Talks Gaming, Japanese Voice Acting - Sam Witwer
Cast News: IF Magazine: Interview with Caprica's Eric Stoltz
Cast News: Hollywood Reporter: Children of the Corn remake adds cast - Kandyse McClure

Cast News: Cinema Blend: Pulse 2 Keeps Us Scared Of The Internet - Jamie Bamber
Show News: The Telegraph: Truck driver 'watched BSG' on laptop while driving

Crew Interview: the Amateur Scientist: Inside the Amateur Scientist Studio: Dr. Kevin Grazier
Show News: TrekWeb: BSG VFX Team And Other Trek Vets Take Home Creative Arts Emmys

Cast News: TV Guide: Battlestar's Katee Sackhoff Lands Wolf-Produced Pilot

Crew News: Discover Magazine: Tales of Dragon Con: Astronomycast Live! - Kevin Grazier
Show News: MacWorld: Apple releases iTunes 8, welcomes NBC back to store
Cast News: CraveOnline: EXCL: Children of the Corn's Malachai Speaks - Kandyse McClure
Show News: B.C.'s film and TV industry sags into fall

Show News: IGN: Battlestar Galactica TV-Movie Cast Additions
Cast News: The Guardian: ITV names Law & Order cast - Jamie Bamber

Cast News: Variety: Michelle Forbes

Crew Interview: Huffington Post: "Who is the Twelfth Cylon?" Lunch with Mark Stern

Show News: Chicago Tribune: BSG movie snares Tricia Helfer, Grace Park and more Cylons

Opinion: Broadcasting & Cable: Battlestar Galactica's Dream Ticket
Opinion: Ladies' Night
Show News: CNN: The curse word Battlestar Galactica created

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