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August '07 News Articles:
(Listed by publication date)

Show News: Globe and Mail: Apple Escalates NBC Spat Over iTunes
Show News: New York Times: NBC Will Not Renew ITunes Contract
Show News: EDGE Boston: Forbes Returns to Galactica

Comic Book News: Greg Pak Interview

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Cast Interview: Galactica.TV: Ryan Robbins
Show News: Battlestar Galactica - Don't Forget to Vote
Comic Book News: Comic Book Resources: Battlestar Galactica: Cylon Apocalypse Into Trade Paperback

Cast Interview: Galactica.TV: Leah Cairns
Cast Interview: Galactica.TV: Tahmoh Penikett
Show News: THUD - Battlestar Crisis Averted

Show News: AOL Television: Kevin Smith Gets His Geek on For TV

Video Game News: IGN: GC 2007 - Battlestar Galactica Multiplayer Hands-on Preview

Comic Book News: Comic Book Resources: Previews - Battlestar Galactica: Season Zero #1

Cast News: Northern Stars: The Green Chain debuts at Montréal World Film Fest (Tahmoh Penikett)

Show News: High Def Digest: Battlestar Galactica Blasts Off on HD DVD
Comic Book News: Comic Book Resources: Dynamite Launches the Battlestar Pegasus
Show News: Comic-Con '07: The Battlestar Galactica Crew Preps for Final Voyage

Show News: Wizard Entertainment: An Evening With Tom Zarek

Show News: Burnaby NewsLeader: Strong loonie not slowing filming
Cast News: Fangoria: Trapped Ashes (Tahmoh Penikett)

Show News: Burnaby NewsLeader: Strong loonie not slowing filming
Show News: Associates Content: Hollywood Writers Score Victory in Battle Over Webisodes

Crew News: Variety: Moore Inks Universal Media Deal
Crew News: MovieWeb: Ronald D. Moore Is Planning to Revisit The Thing

Cast Interview: MediaBlvd Magazine: Rick Worthy Talks About His Character in ABC Family's Fallen

Show News: The Best of B.C. on Location

Crew Interview: Comic Book Resources: Producer Mark Verheiden

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