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Episode Name: A Day In the Life
Episode Number: 314
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Directed by: Rod Hardy
Original Air Date: 2/18/07 on SciFi Channel
Review Posted: 3/4/07

Unlike last week, when some "previously" scenes actually hadn't been seen, these "previously" scenes all really have been previously aired, although the first goes all the way back to the miniseries when Lee and Adama held their first awkward conversation after Lee's arrival on Galactica following the Cylon attack.

The episode immediately opens with a peaceful scene of Adama looking out the window of a rural home and his reverie is interrupted by grumpy old Tigh. Both mention having not slept so it must be early in the morning. Tigh clues the audience in that today is Adama's wedding anniversary.

As Adama and Tigh talk of not getting much rest, Tyrol is just heading back to his quarters after pulling a shift. As he makes his way there, Tyrol looks completely unenthusiastic to be heading home. As soon as he walks in, things get tense between him and Cally. She's upset because she was expecting them to spend the day with Nicolas and instead she and Tyrol have to work because others called in sick.

As Adama shaves, he drifts back to his house. Back in the present, Adama looks over the duty roster for all of three seconds before signing off on it. Tigh, who clearly knows what this particular day does to Adama, offers to take the first watch. Adama, trying to pretend that the day is like any other, says he'll work as he always does. Sometime later, Adama daydreams enjoying his morning coffee with his wife at home. She says that they had more bad times than good, but he keeps bringing her back every year. Private Jaffee brings him out of his reverie with the coffee service.

Tyrol walks into the washroom and Seelix immediately tells him good morning. He tells Cally that for the first time ever Nicolas didn't cry when he was dropped off. He banters back and forth with Figurski, who looking to have moved up to a frequently recurring role, about his having to work on the CO2 scrubber all day. Next, he orders Cally and Seelix to go with him. The three of them reach the airlock. Cally and Tyrol go into the airlock and Seelix enters the observation booth. Cally immediately starts complaining, first about the airlock and then about their personal situation. Tyrol says that he can't give her preferential treatment because they are married, but Cally doesn't care about such a perception.

Tyrol is mostly distant from the whole argument and thinks that thinks will work out. Neither seems to mind that Seelix is in the observation room listening to them. Their argument comes to end thanks only to the alarms sounding and the pressure doors closing. They quickly find that there is a leak and that Seelix can't override the doors to get them out. Compared to the soap opera of the other two married couples, this is more mundane, but painful to watch since this married couple argument is far more frequent than an ongoing triangle (square). That said, watching Cally and Tyrol rehash this argument every week would get old very quickly.

Act 1:
Adama is back at the house and walks across the pond as he goes over the names of the crewmen that he'll encounter on the watch that day. Carolanne pops up to be sarcastic about his memory and then make a few comments about Roslin. Adama discounts any romantic interest in her because she's the President. Carolanne points out that Adama keeps himself distant from everyone in an effort to keep up the façade of invincibility and absolute confidence of command.

Adama and Roslin have a little meeting. Roslin says that she just had to get out of Colonial One and apparently the answer was to come to Galactica to talk to Adama even if it's about Baltar's trial. The backstory of Adama's father being a lawyer comes up. Roslin wants Lee to head the committee for settling on the procedures for Baltar's trial. There is a romantic and flirtatious undertone to their conversation that surfaces a couple of times. She even giggles like a schoolgirl. Even with four married couples running around on the show this season, Adama and Roslin are probably the most interesting romance because it's so understated and on a very sloooow burn.

It's back to the airlock where Seelix is just flipping away at the switches in the observation room to no effect. Tyrol tries to apply his own patch over the leak as Cally looks increasing nervous.

Adama walks through the corridor as the crew notice his presence and hush. Adama walks through the corridor as crew hush when he walks by. Back at the house, his inner Carolanne tells him that he looks to have gotten used to the "hush." He says that she was never intimidated and she counters that she knew him before he was The Admiral, but rather just an absentee father. So far, Adama's home life doesn't sound too good and mirrors Lee's perception of it.

It's been a while since we've seen the pilots down in the briefing room. Narcho and Hot Dog make rare appearances. Narcho basically is around to present exposition that it's been forty-nine days the last Cylon sighting and then takes some ribbing from Starbuck. Guess that means this episode is set forty-nine days after the end of Rapture (Episode 311). Hot Dog turns up in the funniest bit from the episode. Apparently, Hot Dog had an escapade with a young lady who left him with an itch. Helo moves away from Hot Dog and one row back, Athena does the same. It's a clichéd bit, but was a great moment in the middle of all the seriousness.

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