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Episode Name: A Day In the Life
Episode Number: 314
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Directed by: Rod Hardy
Original Air Date: 2/18/07 on SciFi Channel
Review Posted: 3/4/07

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Act 3:
Athena moves the Raptor into position as Cally and Tyrol brace themselves. Lee decides to prolong things by briefing Athena and Starbuck. He wants Athena to be ready to compensate for turbulence and debris resulting from the violent decompression of the airlock. Considering that Athena has saved the entire fleet more than once, saving two people should be a piece of cake for her. Adama tells Cally and Tyrol that the Raptor is in position and the door is blown off. A piece of the door hits the Raptor. Lee directs Athena to bring the Raptor back into position just as Cally and Tyrol fly across space into Lee and Starbuck's arms.

Lee goes to Adama's quarters where he reports that Cally and Tyrol are alive, but still being evaluated. He then immediately changes the subject and wants to know what is with his father. It takes Adama showing him the wedding picture and saying it's "this day." Lee finally realizes that it's the anniversary. Adama says that he and Lee never discussed the divorce, which he thought gave Lee and Zak stability. Lee says that they had four walls, but not stability. His mother went through her mood swings and often lost control. His mother would drink and get angry. She would apologize, but do it again and again until even the apologies stop. Apparently, Lee has "daddy" and "mommy" issues.

Adama immediately asks his head Carolanne about Lee's accusation. Basically, she points out all the things that he wouldn't admit to himself about never being there for the family, moving them around from place to place. She says that if he admitted that he made a mistake with their marriage, then all his other decisions would have to be questioned.

Back to reality, Adama says that he loved Carolanne. Lee says that he believes him, but thinks that she never loved Adama. The unanswered question here is if she never loved Adama, why did she marry him? The answer could have been in a script side, which suggested that Lee knew that his mother was already pregnant with him when she and Adama were married.

Act 4:
Seelix brings Nicolas to sickbay. She's pointed to Tyrol's bed. Tyrol struggles to get up and then takes Nicolas. He walks over to where Cally is still in the hyperbaric chamber. He shows Nicolas to Cally, who barely acknowledges them. Seelix has been hanging back and when she sees that Adama is watching from a nearby doorway, she leaves. Tyrol promises that the two of them will raise Nicolas.

Lee returns to his quarters and warmly greets his wife. He finds that Adama has sent over a box of books, which turn out to be his grandfather's law books. Apparently, Adama had decided to keep them in storage onboard the battlestar, which is pretty convenient, but this is probably foreshadows Lee's involvement in Baltar's trial.

Roslin is still onboard Galactica. She now has a book for Adama. Adama switches gears and brings up New Caprica. He remembers her in a dress and talking about a cabin. She says that they wouldn't have survived on New Caprica. He actually talks about having a normal life more like that day on New Caprica, but then he starts dancing and won't come out and say an. He actually talks about having a normal life more like that day on New Caprica, but then he starts dancing and won't come out and say anything more since she's back to being the President. She says that she'll be back in a few days and they can discuss it then. As she leaves, she says that she would have built that cabin back on New Caprica if the Cylons hadn't returned.

Adama has one last talk with his head Carolanne, which is basically sentimental. He chooses to believe that they really had something. Adama then puts the photography back in the drawer.

Bonus Scene:
The bonus scene looks like it was the original opening to the episode. Gaeta and Dee are on their way to their daily briefing with the Admiral. Gaeta tells her that Roslin is onboard again. Dee thinks little of it, but Gaeta hints that there might be some romantic interest there. After a moment, they both start laughing. Colonel Sourpuss interrupts them and wants to know what the joke is. Dee won't tell and Tigh says that he's going to take the report to Adama. As they walk back toward CIC, Dee and Gaeta start laughing again. Unlike the previous deleted scenes, this one was pretty pointless and definitely didn't fit with the tone of the episode.

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