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Danielle Rousseau
Danielle Rousseau

Portrayed by: Mira Furlan

Appears in:
1.9 - "Solitary"
1.18 - "Numbers"
1.23/24/25 - "Exodus"

Danielle is first heard in an automated transmission that several of the survivors hear. When off on his own, Sayid follows a cable and is captured by Danielle. She tells him that she is the last survivor of a science expedition that was shipwrecked on the island. The rest of the expedition were apparently killed by a disease and her son, Alex, was taken. She tells him that there is a transmitter on the island, but that the "others" now control it. Sayid offers to fix her music box, which he does. He then manages to get away from her, taking some of her maps. Later, Hurley decides to go find her. They find that she has destroyed her bunker, but do have an encounter with her.

After the survivors see black smoke, Danielle walks into the beach camp and tells them that the "others" are coming for Aaron. She leads Arzt, Hurley, Jack, Kate and Locke to the Black Rock, which turns out to a shipwrecked merchant ship that has some dynamite. She then leaves them. She turns up at the beach camp and takes Aaron. Charlie and Sayid track her down at the source of the black smoke. She apparently had hoped to trade Aaron to the possible return of her own child, Alex, but when they weren't there, she didn't know what to do. Charlie is able to return Aaron to Claire.

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