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Ethan Rom

Portrayed by: William Mapother

Appears in:
1.9 - "Solitary"
1.10 - "Raised by Another"
1.11 - "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"
1.15 - "Homecoming"

Ethan first appears as someone who is helping Locke hunt wild boar. When Hurley conducts a census, he finds that Ethan is not on the manifest. When the survivors go to look for him, he has vanished. He returns to kidnap Claire. He leaves Charlie hanging from a tree because he only wanted Claire's baby. When the survivors continue to search for Claire, he gives Jack a good beating and a warning that he will kill Claire if they continue to search for her.

Claire manages to escape, but cannot remember anything. Ethan then isolates Charlie and tells him to return Claire or he will kill one survivor each night until he does. The survivors try to set up security, but Ethan comes in by water and kills one. The next day, Claire agrees to act as bait while Jack, Kate, Locke, Sawyer and Sayid set a trap. This time, Jack gets the better of Ethan. However, before they can question Ethan, he is shot dead by Charlie.

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