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Aaron Littleton

Son of Claire Littleton

Appears in:
1.20 - "Do No Harm"
1.21 - "The Greater Good"
1.22 - "Born to Run"
1.23/24/25 - "Exodus"
2.06 - "Abandoned"

Aaron was born on the island on the same day that Boone died. The sound of Sawyer's voice is calming to him. Danielle later kidnapped him, which finally prompted Claire to fully accept her child and give him a name. Charlie and Sayid go after Danielle and are able to retrieve Aaron.

In a flashback, a psychic has told Claire that she must raise her child. She cannot put her baby up for adoption. He eventually offers to pay Claire to fly to America, which is how she ends up on Flight 815 which leads to Aaron being born on the island.

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