The Patriot Resource - Lost


Portrayed by: Henry Ian Cusick

Appears in:
2.1 - "Man of Faith, Man of Science"
2.2 - "Adrift"
2.3 - "Orientation"

Desmond is living in an underground complex on the island. The survivors enter it by way of the Hatch. He apparently grabs Kate. He then holds Locke captive, using him in a stand-off with Jack. Desmond also had already met Jack in an encounter in a sports stadium the night that Jack completed what he thought was an unsuccessful reconstructive surgery on his future ex-wife, Sarah.

Desmond tells the survivors that he ended up there three years ago when his boat grounded on the reef. Someone named Kelvin brought him into the Hatch and they punched in the code together until Kelvin died.

When the computer was hit by a stray bullet and Desmond's attempts at fixing the computer failed, he packed up and left. Jack caught up with him and it was then that Desmond realized that he had encountered Jack before.

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