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Lost Season Five Episodes:

Episode Name: Namaste
Episode Number: 509
Written by: Paul Zbyszewski & Brian K. Vaughan
Directed by: Jack Bender
Original US Air Date: 3/18/09 on ABC

Act 1:
Everyone sorts out that Sawyer and Jin have been in Dharma for three years, while it's been three years for the Oceanic Six since they left on the helicopter. Hurley notices that Jin speaks good English. Miles calls in and wants to know what is going on. Jack tells Sawyer and Jin that the others came too. As soon as Jack mentions Sun was also on the plane with them, Jin heads for the Jeep. Sawyer wants to know where Jin is going. Jin says that he's heading for the Flame Station because Radzinsky would know about the plane.

Back at the camp, Juliet walks into the security center and asks Miles about Sawyer. He lies and says that he hasn't heard from Sawyer. They then look at the cameras and see Sawyer.

Sawyer is going through the closet for clothes when Juliet walks in. Sawyer tells her that the Oceanic Six have come back. Sawyer says that he doesn't know what he'll do and Juliet points out that the sub is arrived tomorrow.

Jin drives up to the Flame Station and runs inside. He runs past Radzinsky, who is building a model of the Swan Station. Jin messes with the controls and he had Radzinsky have a terse conversation. Jin wants to know if he's seen a plane and Radzinsky says he hasn't. Jin then asks him to check with the other stations.

On the beach, Sun fingers Jin's wedding ring. Ilia walks up and asks Sun if she's okay and Sun says that she is and that she came alone. Frank walks up and briefs everyone. He says that the radio doesn't work so they need to sit tight until help comes. Caesar stands up and wants to know where they are. Frank says that the Island isn't on his charts. Caesar says that he's seen some buildings and animal cages as well as another Island. As he asks if anyone else wants to join him on a scouting expedition, Ben moves into the jungle. Sun notices and follows him. Frank takes note of Sun moving off.

In the jungle, Sun attempts to follow Ben, who circles around on her and wants to know why she's following him. She wants to know where he's going and he answers that he's going back to their Island and then asks her if she wants to come.

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