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Lost Season Five Episodes:

Episode Name: Namaste
Episode Number: 509
Written by: Paul Zbyszewski & Brian K. Vaughan
Directed by: Jack Bender
Original US Air Date: 3/18/09 on ABC

Arija 316 is in the air as the Hurley, Jack, Kate, Sayid and Sun anxiously sit in the cabin. Ben is seen as well, but he's relaxed.

In the cockpit, Frank's co-pilot describes Hurley and says that he recognizes him as one of the Oceanic Six.

There's turbulence felt back in the plane cabin.

In the cockpit, Frank reacts to the turbulence.

Back in the plane cabin, more turbulence and Hurley tells Caesar to fasten his seatbelt.

The turbulence builds until there's a flash.

Suddenly, Frank and his co-pilot find the sky clear and it's daytime. The airplane is in a stall. Frank manages to level it off as they come upon an Island. They notice a runway and head for it. Frank puts it down and they fly down the runway and crash into the forest at the end of it.

In the cockpit, Frank wakes up with a bloody forehead and arm. His co-pilot is dead thanks to a tree branch. Frank gets out a flashlight and heads for the cabin.

In the plane cabin Caesar wakes up Ilia, who looks over and sees that Sayid is gone.

Frank enters the plane cabin and notices Sun. Sun moves to him. Frank looks around and wonders where everyone else is. Ben walks up and says that they are gone. When Frank asks, Ben says he has no idea where they could be.

(Caption: Thirty Years Earlier)
Hurley, Jack and Kate climb out of the van and slowly approach. Sawyer is happy to see them. He happily greets Hurley, but it's a more muted greeting with Jack and then Kate. Sawyer then asks about Locke and Jack says that he's dead. Hurley asks about the Dharma suits. Sawyer is surprised that Jin hasn't said anything and Sawyer has to explain that they are in the Dharma Initiative and it is 1977.

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