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Lost Season Five Episodes:

Episode Name: Namaste
Episode Number: 509
Written by: Paul Zbyszewski & Brian K. Vaughan
Directed by: Jack Bender
Original US Air Date: 3/18/09 on ABC

  • Arija Flight 316 didn't crash. After turbulence built up, there was a flash and the plane suddenly was back in daylight in calm skies, but without power. Frank put the plane down on the runway that the Others had built on the second Island.
  • Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid disappeared in the flash, but Sun remained on the plane.
  • Just like the crash of Oceanic 815, the pilot survived the crash/landing, while the co-pilot didn't.
  • The plane and those left on it including Sun are on the Island in 2007.
  • In the three years that he has been with Dharma, Jin has learned to speak fluent English.
  • Sawyer tells Kate, Jack and Hurley to stay in a part of the Island that apparently is a no man's land.
  • Unlike Sawyer, who is excited to see his friends return, both Juliet and Miles seem much more conflicted about their arrival.
  • Radzinsky, who was supposedly Kelvin Inman's partner in the Swan Station before Desmond, manned the Flame Station in 1977.
  • Radzinsky was designing the Swan Station in 1977.
  • Frank tells the passengers that he doesn't know where they are.
  • Caesar, who seems to be taking a leadership role with the Arija 316 survivors, points out that he's seen buildings, animal cages and another Island.
  • When Ben hears Caesar reference Island landmarks, he now knows where they are and sets out.
  • Juliet retrieved the sub manifest from Amy, claiming that she didn't want Amy working the processing center so soon after giving birth.
  • Juliet and Sawyer are perceived as enough of an item that Amy asks Juliet when they'll have a child.
  • Amy and Horace have decided to name their son Ethan.
  • Sayid set off perimeter alarms and Jin hurried to get to him first. Once Radzinsky arrived, Jin had to treat him like a hostile.
  • Hurley correctly points out that the Dharma Initiative gets wiped out by the Others. Sawyer appears to be unsure of what he's going to do. He also refers to the Dharma Initiative as "our people."
  • Sawyer mentions that Faraday has theories about what they can and can't do in the past and he also indicates that Faraday isn't around.
  • Juliet and Sawyer hatched a plan to add Kate, Jack and Hurley to the manifest and say that they arrived on the sub. Conveniently, everyone is sedated on the submarine, so they don't see any other passengers until they arrive on the Island.
  • Ben knew the location of three hidden outriggers on the smaller Island. He plans to use one to row to the Dharma dock.
  • Frank tries to dissuade Sun from going with Ben, but Sun goes along with Ben anyway. Once Ben reveals where the boats are, Sun knocks him out.
  • Phil appears to be about to expose Kate when Juliet comes to the rescue.
  • Jack has been assigned to be a workman.
  • Kate apparently has been assigned to the motor pool with Juliet.
  • Radzinsky thinks Sayid is a hostile spy. He's worried that Sayid has seen the plans and the location for the proposed Swan Station. He wants Sayid killed.
  • Sawyer manages to let Sayid know what his alias is and that he has to play along in order to stay alive.
  • Sawyer tips off Sayid that the terms of the treaty indicate that Sayid has some sort of amnesty from death if he admits he's a hostile.
  • The smoke monster roams near the Dharma dock.
  • Frank and Sun find the Dharma/Others' camp abandoned. It appeared that it might not have been occupied since it was abandoned three years before when Keamy and the mercenaries attacked.
  • Christian Shephard appears to Sun and Frank and shows her a picture of Kate, Jack and Hurley in a 1977 Dharma picture. He doesn't actually tell her that Jin is there as well, but that's clearly the message being given when he shows her the picture.
  • This is the first instance where Christian clearly interacts with inanimate objects when he takes the picture down and shows it to Sun. Previously, he had shown control over light only.
  • With Locke's recent apparent resurrection and now Christian's interaction, it seems that Christian might be more than just a creepy apparition.
  • Jack appears to already be chaffing at not being in control and the deliberate pace with which Sawyer is approaching the situation.
  • Sawyer, on the other hand, seems to rub it in a bit with Jack.
  • Sawyer looks to now have to sort out feelings between Kate and Juliet.
  • Young Ben went to see Sayid, likely because of his curiosity about the Others.
  • Sayid now knows that young Ben is in the camp.
  • The encounter between young Ben and Sayid is similar to Ben and Sayid's first encounter. Only then, Ben was the one imprisoned and he was going by the name Henry Gale.
  • As head of security, we presume that Sawyer knows that young Ben is in camp, but he didn't mention it when Hurley brought up Dharma being wiped out.

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