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Lost Season Five Episodes:

Episode Name: Namaste
Episode Number: 509
Written by: Paul Zbyszewski & Brian K. Vaughan
Directed by: Jack Bender
Original US Air Date: 3/18/09 on ABC

Act 3:
Sawyer drives Kate, Jack and Hurley in the Dharma van. Hurley points out that the Dharma Initiative will get wiped out and wonders if Sawyer is going to warn them. Sawyer says he can't and that Faraday has some theories about what can and can't be done. When Jack asks about Faraday, Sawyer indicates that he's not around anymore.

Sawyer brings the van to a stop outside the Dharma processing center.

Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and Jack all climb out of the van. He gives each of them welcome necklaces and tells them to go into the processing center to get their assignments because Juliet has added their names to the sub manifest and he's seen to their assignments. He tells them to just play along and he'll cover for them.

Just then Miles drives up. Miles is surprised to find that Sawyer has brought the three of them in. Miles reports that there is an alarm at the Flame Station. Sawyer gets on the walkie with Jin and finds out that Radzinsky has Sayid and thinks he's a hostile. Sawyer gets in the Dharma van and heads for the Flame station.

Ben tells Sun that he's heading for some outriggers that are tucked away and is going to the other island. Sun wants to know if Jin is on the other Island and Ben says that he doesn't know, but there's a dock over there that is the best place to start. Just then, Frank walks up. He says that he was worried about Sun and doesn't trust Ben. Sun tells him that she's going with Ben.

On a spot on the beach, Ben uncovers the outriggers. Frank again asks Sun to reconsider going with Ben. Ben asks Frank to go with them. Frank says that he has people to look after, which prompts Ben to make a comment about Frank feeling it his duty as captain to look after them. Frank points out that he first came to the Island with commandos out for Ben. Ben counters, "How did that work out for you?" While they've been talking, Sun has taken an oar out of one of the outriggers. She walks up behind Ben and knocks him out with the oar. Frank says, "I thought you trusted this guy." Sun answers, "I lied."

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