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Lost Season Five Episodes:

Episode Name: Namaste
Episode Number: 509
Written by: Paul Zbyszewski & Brian K. Vaughan
Directed by: Jack Bender
Original US Air Date: 3/18/09 on ABC

Act 4:
In the processing center, Kate and Jack watch the Dharma orientation film hosted by Dr. Marvin Candle. Kate ask Jack how they will "do this." Just then, Phil calls Jack's name.

Phil shows Jack over to a desk where he is greeted by Candle. Candle fusses around and then says that he can't find Jack's file and apologizes for the disorganization. He asks Jack who his shuttle driver was and Jack stumbles before finally answering that it was LaFleur. Candle mentions that he's covering for Amy. He digs out a card and says that based on his aptitude test, Jack has been assigned to be a workman. As Jack looks at his brown jumpsuit, Candle explains that a workman carries out janitorial duties.

Elsewhere in the processing center, Phil notices Kate is still waiting. He asks her who she is and when she gives her name, he can't find her on his list. He then asks her who was her recruiting coordinator and Kate is at a loss for an answer. Phil looks to be on the verge of growing suspicious when Juliet walks up. Juliet says that she has some late additions to the manifest, which includes Kate Austen. She hands it over to Phil, who looks it off, appears satisfied and leaves. Juliet "greets" Kate and welcomes her to the Dharma Initiative.

Sawyer drives up to the Flame Station and Jin walks up to him. He says that Sayid came out of the jungle alone and set off the perimeter alarm.

Sawyer goes inside and finds Radzinsky, who is worried that Sayid saw his plans for the Swan Station. He thinks Sayid is a spy and wants to execute him. Sawyer understandably nixes that immediate idea and instead wants to talk to Sayid.

Sawyer walks into the adjoining room where Sayid is being held. He leads him out, tells Sayid that his name is LaFluer and that he is the head of security. He basically tells Sayid to follow his lead. He tells Sayid that the terms of the truce are for Sayid to identify himself as a Hostile. Sayid catches on and does so which gets him out from under the penalty of death as Radzinsky looks on.

Darkness has fallen as Sun and Frank arrive at the sub dock on the Island. Frank points out that Sun is following the advice of a man that she then knocked out. They climb out of the outrigger and start walking up the dock.

Sun and Frank see the smoke monster in the woods near the dock.

Sun and Frank walk through the Dharma camp, which is abandoned and in disrepair.

As Sun looks around, she notices a light come on in one of the cabins. She then sees a man's silhouette in the window before the door opens a crack and a man starts to step out.

Christian Shephard steps out and introduces himself. Sun asks about Jin and he tells her to follow him.

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