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The Lord of the Rings Characters: Villains
  Character Name Portrayed by
Gollum Sméagol/Gollum ... Andy Serkis (voice)
Gorbag Gorbag ... Stephen Ure
Gothmog Gothmog ... Lawrence Makoare
Grishnakh Grishnákh ... Stephen Ure
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  Character Name: Portrayed by:
Grima Gríma Wormtongue ... Brad Dourif
Lurtz Lurtz ... Lawrence Makoare
Saruman Saruman ... Christopher Lee
Sauron Sauron ... none
Sharku Sharku ... Jed Brophy
Snaga Snaga ... Jed Brophy
Ugluk Uglúk ... Nathaniel Lees
Witchking of Angmar Witch-King of Angmar ... Lawrence Makoare

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