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Portrayed by: Stephen Ure

Appears in:
The Two Towers


In The Two Towers:
Grishnákh is an Orc loyal to Sauron, who was sent to bring the Hobbits back to Mordor. He leads a party of Orcs who meet up with Uglúk and the Uruk-hai in the Eastemnet Gullies. The Uruk-hai were intent on bringing Merry and Pippin back to Isengard and Saruman, so Grishnákh had to find a way to get them away. As the Uruk-hai drove along night and day without race or food beyond bread he saw his chance.

Grishnákh started encouraging a rebellion against the Uruk-hai captain by complaining about not having fresh meat. The confrontation builds until another Orc attempts to approach the Hobbits and loses his head.

Merry and Pippin then see an opportunity to try an escape in the ensuing commotion, but Grishnákh is intent on catching them. Just as he appears to have them, the Rohirrim patrol commanded by Éomer attacks the Orc and Uruk-hai force. A horse and rider send Grishnákh running . Merry and Pippin flee into Fangorn Forest, but Grishnákh is still after them. Just as he catches up with them again, the Hobbits are saved when Treebeard squashes Grishnákh.

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