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The Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Places: Isengard


- Fords of Isen: Strategic crossing of the Isen River located near Isengard
- Isengard Caverns: Caverns delved to house Saruman's war machine
- Orthanc Inner Chamber: Holds Saruman's study and audience chamber
- Tower of Orthanc: Smooth stone tower at the center of Isengard

In The Fellowship of the Ring:
When Gandalf arrives at Isengard with news of the One Ring, it is too late. Because of Saruman's use of a Palantir, Sauron has swayed him to become an 'ally.' Saruman offers Gandalf an alliance, but Gandalf refuses, so Saruman imprisons him at the top of the Tower of Orthanc. Gandalf manages to escape with the help of Gwaihir, the Lord of the Eagles. Saruman also spoils Isengard by tearing down the trees in an effort to build an army of Uruk-hai. He sends a force under Lurtz after the Fellowship to capture Frodo and secure the Ring.

In The Two Towers:
Saruman has now built an army of Uruk-hai which he sends to destroy Rohan. While his army is away, the Ents led by Treebeard attack and destroy his war machines.

In The Return of the King & The Return of the King: The Extended Edition:
Following the victory at Helm's Deep, Gandalf, Aragorn and others ride to Isengard where they find Treebeard guarding the Tower of Orthanc. When Gandalf calls for Saruman, Gríma throws the Palantir at them. Saruman attacks Gandalf, but Gandalf is ready to defend himself. They talk but Saruman scoffs at Gandalf. Gandalf then tries to talk to Gríma. Saruman belittles Gríma, who gets angry and stabs Saruman. Legolas then slays Gríma with an arrow.

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