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The Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Places: Northern Middle Earth

In the North

In Northern Middle Earth:
  • Bree: Town inhabited by both Hobbits and Men
  • Chetwood Forest: Located between Bree and Midgewater Marsh
  • East Road: Route taken by Arwen when she takes Frodo to Rivendell
  • Ford of Bruinen: Ford located just out side the valley of Rivendell
  • Grey Havens: Elves leave from here to pass from Middle Earth to the Undying Lands
  • Midgewater Marsh: Marsh located in the wilderness between Bree and Weathertop
  • Prancing Pony: Inn and tavern located in Bree where the Hobbits meet Aragorn
  • Troll Camp: Site where Bilbo encountered trolls in The Hobbit
  • Weathertop: Location of the ancient watchtower Amon Sûl

  • In The Fellowship of the Ring:
    Frodo and Sam see a party of Elves heading for the Grey Havens. Later, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin arrive at Bree. While staying at the Prancing Pony, they meet Aragorn who becomes their guide. After leaving Bree, he leads them off the East Road into the Chetwood Forest and then the Midgewater Marsh. They camp at Weathertop where Frodo is wounded. They make camp near the Troll Camp. Arwen finds them and quickly carries Frodo to the Ford of Bruinen and safety.

    In The Return of the King:
    Four years after his wounding at Weathertop, Frodo, Bilbo and the other Ringbearers journey to the Grey Havens where they sail from Middle Earth for the Undying Lands.

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