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The Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Places: Pass of Caradhras

Pass of Caradhras

Pass of Caradhras:
- Appears in The Fellowship of the Ring

As the Fellowship moves south from Rivendell, they find that Saruman has spies out. They decide that they should not go all the way to the Gap of Rohan to cross the Misty Mountains because of how close it is to Isengard. Gimli wants to go through Moria, an ancient home of Dwarves. However, Gandalf is against going through Moria, as is Aragorn, so the Fellowship decides on the Pass of Caradhras.

As the Fellowship makes its way up toward Caradhras, they find the going increasingly difficult because of a snowstorm. Saruman is driving the weather to block them. Gandalf tries to fight against Saruman, but it is too late. The Fellowship can go no further. They decide that they will have to go through Moria. Almost as soon as they turn back, the storm subsides.

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