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The Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Places: Rohan


  • Deeping Wall: Defensive wall at Helm's Deep that protects the Deeping-Coomb
  • Dunharrow: The Rohirrim gather their forces here
  • Eastemnet Gullies - Region in the southeast of Rohan
  • Edoras: Capital of Rohan
  • Edoras Stables - Large stables of the Horse-Lords
  • Glittering Caves: Located in the mountains behind Helm's Deep
  • Golden Hall: Home of the King of Rohan
  • Helm's Deep: Ancient mountain stronghold
  • Hornburg: Fortress at Helm's Deep
  • Plains of Rohan
  • Westfold: Region closest to Isengard
  • White Mountains: Mountain range that forms the border between Gondor and Rohan

  • Rohan is the kingdom of the Horse-Lords. They are known as the Rohirrim and also the Eorlingas. Eorl was awarded the land by the Steward of Gondor and they drove the Wild Men who had lived there into the nearby mountains. They are less refined Men than of Gondor, but their superio skill with horsemanship is well-known. Gondor has been under increasing threat from the growing power of Sauron, while Rohan has started to be threatened by Orcs and Uruk-hai loyal to Saruman as well as the Wild Men out for revenge. Rohan's King Théoden has become weak thanks to the treachery of his advisor, Gríma Wormtongue and the kingdom is in disarray.

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