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The Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Places: Along the River Anduin

River Anduin

River Anduin:
- Amon Hen: Ancient watchtower located above Parth Galen
- Argonath: Ancient statues of Kings of Gondor
- Falls of Rauros: Tol Brandir rises out of the falls at the south end of Nen Hithoel
- Gladden Fields:Place where Isildur was betrayed by the Ring.
- Nen Hithoel: Lake into which the river flows after passing the Argonath
- Parth Galen: Grassy field next to the river at the base of Amon Hen
- Tol Brandir: Sharp peak that rises out of the river in the rapids of Rauros

The River Anduin is also known as the Great River. It starts in the north in the Grey Mountains and flows south between the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood. Lothlórien also borders on the river. The river then flows between Gondor and Ithilien before emptying into the Bay of Balfalas.

After leaving Lothlórien the Fellowship floats down the River Anduin past the Argonath to Parth Galen and Amon Hen.

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