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The Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Places: Rivendell


- Council of Elrond: Meeting to discuss the fate of the One Ring
- Gilraen's Grave: The grave of Aragorn's mother
- Shards of Narsil: Shrine commemorating the defeat of Sauron

Rivendell is the home of Elrond Half-elven and his daughter Arwen Evenstar. It is a refuge from the growing evil in Middle Earth. Rivendell has also been the adopted home of Aragorn, who was raised by Elrond following the death of his mother, Gilraen. Her grave can be found in the realm of Rivendell.

Frodo recovers at Rivendell from the wound he received at Weathertop. Meanwhile, Aragorn encounters Boromir and shares some quiet moments with his love, Arwen, share some quiet moments.

When Frodo is healed, he is called to the Council of Elrond. At the council he learns that the Ring cannot remain in Rivendell with the power of Sauron rising as well as Saruman's pursuit of the Ring. He also learns of Aragorn's noble heritage. Frodo volunteers to take the Ring to Mt. Doom in Mordor, which is the only place where it can be destroyed. Aragorn, Boromir of Gondor, Gandalf, Gimli the Dwarf, Legolas the Elf along with his friends Merry, Pippin and Sam volunteer to help Frodo and form the Fellowship of the Ring.

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