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The Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Places: Weathertop


- Appears in The Fellowship of the Ring

Weathertop is the site of the remnants of the ancient watchtower, Amon Sûl. It is a major landmark in between Bree and Rivendell.

Strider leads the Hobbits to the foot of Weathertop and then goes to scout around. Frodo falls asleep and awakens to discover that Merry, Pippin and Sam have started a small cooking fire. Frodo puts it out, but it's too late. The Nazgûl have seen the fire and close in. The Hobbits retreat to the top of Weathertop before the Nazgûl corner them and attack. The Witchking stabs Frodo with a Morgul Blade before Strider returns and drives the Nazgûl off.

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