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The Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Places: Ithilien


- Ephel Duath Foothills: Rising terrain on the easter edge of Ithilien
- Forbidden Pool: Small pond outside of Faramir's hideout in Henneth Annûn
- Henneth Annûn: Hideout of Faramir and the Rangers of Ithilien in Northern Ithilien
- Ithilien Camp: Area where the Rangers of Ithilien ambush the Haradrim
- Northern Ithilien: Forested region between Gondor and Mordor

Ithilien was once part of Gondor, but now with Sauron's return to power, it has been deserted and has become a no-man's land between Gondor and Mordor. The Gondorian Rangers of Ithilien operate within this land under their Captain, Faramir. They monitor the movements of Saruon's allies and lead raids.

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