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The Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Places: The Shards of Narsil

Shards of Narsil

Shrine with Shards of Narsil:
- Appears in The Fellowship of the Ring
- See also Things: Narsil

In Rivendell in the House of Elrond, a shrine can be found. This shrine commemorates the defeat of Sauron at the end of the Second Age. The shrine includes paintings and the shards of Narsil. Narsil was the sword of the Kings of Gondor. After Sauron struck down King Elendil, his son Isildur took up the sword and tried to raise it against Sauron. However, Sauron broke the sword, but with the shard of Narsil, Isildur cut the Ring from Sauron's hand.

It is by this shrine that Aragorn and Boromir first encounter one another. Aragorn does not reveal his identity to Boromir at this meeting. Boromir leaves somewhat unnerved and drops the hilt of Narsil on the floor. Aragorn then picks it up and returns the sword to its place in the shrine. Arwen comes along and encourages Aragorn to not fear his birthright. She is confident that he does not have the same weakness that Isildur showed after he came into possession of the Ring.

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