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Portrayed by: Jed Brophy

Appears in:
The Two Towers


In The Two Towers:
Sharku is a Warg-rider sent by Saruman to ambush the Rohirrim on their way from Edoras to Helm's Deep. Sharku knocks Aragorn from his horse, killing Hasufel. Aragorn and Sharku struggle on his Warg. Aragorn knocks Sharku off with a mortal wound, but he rips off the Evenstar Pendant as he falls. Aragorn is then dragged over the side of the cliff by the maddened Warg. As Gimli and Legolas search the wounded for Aragorn, Sharku laughs and taunts them with his dying breath. Gimli does not believe him, but then Legoals retrieves the pendant from his grasp and they believe that Aragorn has fallen to his death.

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