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April 2007 - June 2007 News and Announcements:

6/23/07 - Film: Index / Films: Fantasy
Based on Katherine Paterson's Newbery Award-winning novel, Bridge to Terabithia has arrived on DVD. The film recounts the heartwarming tale of kids who stumble upon the fantasy kingdom Terabithia, where they face the challenges of childhood and learn that friendship is life's one true reward. The film supplements classroom study of the book and helps young viewers understand the central themes and characters. The enchantment continues with DVD bonus features including an educational documentary, special effects featurette and two feature length audio commentaries.
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Bridge to Terabithia

6/18/07 - Film: Index / Films: General
Primeval—based on the true tales of an African killer croc—has arrived on DVD. The film follows the African adventures of a disgraced TV reporter played by Dominic Purcell, who treks to the Dark Continent with hopes of launching a career comeback on the scaly back of Gustave, a 20-foot crocodile with 300 human kills on his resume. Their difficult task turns insurmountable when they walk into the bull’s-eye of a local dictator. The DVD is full of unnerving bonus creatures, including “Croc-umentary: Bringing Gustave to Life,” deleted scenes with an optional commentary and optional feature-length commentary.
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6/10/07 - Deadliest Catch TV Series: Index
The Patriot Resource introduces a site devoted to the Discovery Channel reality series Deadliest Catch, which chronicles the exploits of a handful of boats from the Alaskan crab fleet as they fish for Red King Crab and Opilio (Snow) Crab in the Bering Sea.

Click Here for The Patriot Resource: Deadliest Catch TV Series site
Deadliest Catch

6/3/07 - Lost TV Series: Index
The Lost: The Complete Third Season - The Unexplored Experience DVD includes 23 one-hour episodes on a 7-disc DVD. Discover deeper secrets behind the series with over 6 hours of bonus features including never-before-seen "Lost Flashbacks", "Lost in One Day" that shows 24 hours of production, and a deeper dive into "The World of the Others," where cast and producers reveal more about the island's secret inhabitants. Plus, get a behind-the-scenes look at 10 episodes with "Lost on Location," deleted scenes, bloopers and more.
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LostPreorder Now!

6/2/07 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Western
It was not until F-Troop's second season that viewers got to experience the program in full color. Captain Parmenter and his buffoons in blue are ready again to untame the wilderness in TV's wackiest Western spoof. Wrangler Jane still pines after Parmenter, the Hekawis still plot after profits and Sergeant O'Rourke and Corporal Agarn have more get-rich-quick schemes up their regimental sleeves. A plains-load of comic guest stars include Phil Harris, Harvey Korman, Paul Lynde, Milton Berle and Vincent Price. Enlist now for F-Troop: The Complete Second Season DVD: the 31-episode final season of F Troop!
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5/29/07 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: SciFi
The Kyle XY: The Complete First Season - Declassified DVD features every season one episode in addition to exclusive bonus features including an alternate pilot episode and an extended finale. Revealing commentary from series star Matt Dallas (Kyle) and the rest of the cast draws viewers deep into the lives of the characters as well as the stars that make them come to life. This set is perfect for both newcomers to the cutting-edge series as well as existing fans out to re-examine the clues hidden within the opening season.
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Kyle XY

5/28/07 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Drama
Drama in the Emergency Room at County General Hospital gets personal in the seventh season of your favorite hospital show. The ER: The Complete Seventh Season (DVD) unfolds as Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) returns from detox and struggles with his drug dependency. Other personal issues that the doctors are forced to deal with include Doctor Abby Lockhart (Maura Tierney) reuniting with her mother, a turbulent woman who suffers from bipolar disorder and Doctor Chen (Ming Na) finding out she is pregnant.
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5/28/07 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Comedy
Home Improvement features Tim Taylor (Tim Allen), the accident-prone host of a television program about tools called "Tool Time." Home Improvement: The Complete Sixth Season DVD highlights include the "At Sea" episode in which the fictional "Tool Time" TV show hooks up with the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Constellation, and legendary tunesmiths The Beach Boys make an appearance in "The Karate Kid Returns." "Insult to Injury" pays homage to real-life home improvement guru Bob Vila when accident-prone Tim attempts to break one of Vila's very own refurbishing records.
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Home Improvement

5/27/07 - Film: Index / Films: General
Oscar®-winning director Mel Gibson's (Best Director for Braveheart) latest cinematic innovation, the mythic action-adventure Apocalypto has arrived on DVD. In the twilight of the mysterious Mayan civilization, young Jaguar Paw is captured and taken to the great Mayan city, where he faces a harrowing end. Driven by the power of his love for his wife and son, he makes an adrenaline-soaked, heart-racing escape to rescue them, and ultimately save his way of life. Filled with unrelenting action and stunning cinematography, Apocalypto is an enthralling and unforgettable film experience.
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5/19/07 - History: Index / American Revolutionary Nonfiction Books | Book Reviews
Old Ninety Six: History & Guide by Robert Dunkerly & Eric Williams | April 2006 |
Few locations in South Carolina have figured as prominently in the early history of the state as the old town of Ninety Six. It was witness to two Revolutionary War battles, two Cherokee War battles, a trading post, three forts and two towns.
Book Details and Review from
Old Ninety Six
Buy It Now

5/19/07 - History: Index / American Revolutionary Nonfiction Books | Book Reviews
Now in Paperback: New Jersey in the American Revolution Edited by Barbara Mitnick |
Barbara J. Mitnick has edited a remarkably comprehensive anthology, bringing new life to the rich and turbulent late eighteenth-century period in New Jersey. The volume brings together contributions by twelve outstanding and recognized experts on New Jersey history.
Book Details and Review from
NJ in the American Revolution
Buy It Now

5/8/07 - Chest Deep and Rising by Patrick Yoes | August 2006 |
Chest Deep and Rising is a look at the events of the sixteen days before, during and after Hurricane Katrina, from a unique point of view: a first responder in St. Charles Parish, 20 miles west of New Orleans, one of the people whose assignment was to protect life and property during extraordinary conditions.
Chest Deep and Rising

5/6/07 - Film: Index / Films: The Lord of the Rings
The Children of Hurin, begun in 1918, was one of three 'Great Tales' J.R.R. Tolkien worked on throughout his life. Though familiar to many fans from extracts and references within other Tolkien books, it has long been assumed that the story would forever remain an unfinished tale. Now reconstructed by Christopher Tolkien, who edited together the complete work from his father's many drafts. Christopher has also created a detailed new map for this book. In addition, it includes a jacket and color paintings by illustrator Alan Lee.
Children of Hurin

5/5/07 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Comedy
Dinosaurs, the critically acclaimed, award-winning series is a comedy set in 60,000,003 B.C., starring the Sinclairs, a hilarious family of very modern dinosaurs. Dinosaurs: The Complete Third and Fourth Seasons DVD is now available, allowing fans to complete their collection of the extinct series. The Sinclairs return on a four-disc DVD set that includes a herd of long-awaited bonus features including hours of episodes never aired on network TV, the “I’m the Baby, Gotta Love Me!” featurette and tons more!
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4/28/07 - Film: Index / Films: General
The Queen, a revealing look at the private world of the British Royal Monarchy in the wake of the tragic death of Princess Diana, starring Dame Helen Mirren (Academy Award© Winning Best Actress performance) as Queen Elizabeth, has arrived on DVD. The New York Post raves, "The Queen is one of the year's best movies." DVD bonus features include a "Making of The Queen" featurette plus feature-length commentary from helmer Stephen Frears, writer Peter Morgan, and British historian/Royal Expert Robert Lacey.
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The Queen

4/24/07 - Film: Index / Films: General
Déjà Vu, an unexpected flash of memory when meeting someone or something completely new, guides an FBI agent through the investigation of a shattering crime only to find the phenomenon isn't merely "in his head," but something far more powerful. Starring two-time Academy Award® Winner Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer and an exciting cast, the Déjà Vu DVD has arrived and grabs audiences for a thrilling chase through time to save hundreds of innocent lives.
Click Here for More Details and Review From The Patriot Resource
Deja Vu

4/21/07 - History: Index / TV Series: Index
Known affectionately as "Uncle Billy" by Union soldiers, but reviled in the South as a brutal war criminal, General William Tecumseh Sherman is one of the enigmatic and complex figures in the American pantheon. His legacy, built during a five-week campaign of terror and destruction, ranks as one of the most daring endeavors in U.S. military history. Controversial to this day, his epic story is told in SHERMAN'S MARCH, premiering Sunday, April 22 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The History Channel®.
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4/15/07 - Battlestar Galactica: Index
Sci Fi Channel will present a special encore presentation of Battlestar Galactica's entire third season, that's 20 episodes, during a three-day marathon in May. The marathon kicks off Wednesday, May 16, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. and then follows the next two days from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Thursday and 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Friday.

Click Here for The Patriot Resource: Battlestar Galactica site
Battlestar Galactica

4/14/07 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Animated
With the 2-disc Batman Beyond: Season 3 DVD, experience all the suspense and excitement of the final 13 adventures featuring the fiendish villains of the city's gritty future. As the new Batman, Terry McGinnis has all the high-tech gear and gadgets he needs, plus Bruce Wayne's research skills and instincts. Season Three became the final season for the series, as Terry joined forces with the JLU (Justice League Unlimited). The series' final episode told the story of one of Terry's first missions under the cowl.
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Batman Beyond S3 DVD

4/8/07 - History: Index / American Revolution Resources: New Book Arrivals
Revolutionary War Almanac by John C. Fredriksen | April 2006 |
Revolutionary War Almanac includes an A-to-Z dictionary covers people, battles, and a day-by-day chronology. More than 130 maps, photographs, and illustrations pair with a detailed index, a bibliography, and cross-references to make this reference more accessible than any other.
Revoluationary War Almanac

4/4/07 - Lost TV Series: Index
Synopsis for the 15th episode of Season 3 is now online.
Synopsis for the 14th episode of Season 3 is now online.

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