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The Patriot Film Cast: Joely Richardson
Joely Richardson
Character Portrayed in The Patriot: Charlotte Selton

Born: January 9, 1965; London, England

Notable Awards and Nominations:
Golden Globes:
- 2004 Best Actress in a Drama TV Series Nomination for Nip/Tuck
- 2005 Best Actress in a Drama TV Series Nomination for Nip/Tuck
Independent Spirit Award:
- 1999 Best Supporting Female Nomination for In the Shadows

In The Patriot
Joely Richardson's portrayal of Charlotte Selton is hard to comment on, because the character is two-dimensional and mostly serves as a plot device. She gives Benjamin Martin a place to put his younger children when he goes off to war. Her character is described as a strong, independent woman, but she is only actually presented as a surrogate mother in the film, which means that she needs a man to complete the family.

Even the developments late in the film between her and Benjamin have only a couple of glimpses (literally) of foreshadowing. It feels as though there must be additional scenes between Benjamin and Charlotte out there. However, after reading early versions of the script, the character was never given much to do and felt tacked on even then.

Charlotte is very sure and confident with the children, but her supposed independence and strength all but disappears in the scenes with Benjamin. All of the scenes between Charlotte and Benjamin felt forced and awkward. It would probably be argued by the filmmakers that the scenes were meant to be that way, but even after the "payoff" scene between Charlotte and Benjamin, the foundation of their relationship is still a mystery. Do they have real affection for one another or is the whole relationship just a matter of practicality for a widowed society woman and a widowed father of several children?

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