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Courting couples used bundling bags to spend the night together:
When the militia comes to Pembroke to rest and resupply, Gabriel calls on Anne. That night, he is in Anne's bed being sewn into a bundling bag by Mrs. Howard as Peter Howard looks on nervously.

Though it was a practice rarely spoken of and usually denied, bundling was used by courting couples. Since most arose before dawn and went to bed not long after dusk and worked in between, something had to be done to give a caller an opportunity to call on his beloved. They could not stay up all night, since the fires would be put out as the rest of the family went to bed to preserve fuel and out of safety, so bundling allowed the courting couple to continue to talk without catching cold or worse.

Bags, boards, bolsters and even pillows were used to separate the couple. Each was more of a mental barrier rather than an absolute physical barrier, although such extreme measures as sewing the bag closed were probably taken by some families.

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