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Slave colonies (Gullah camps) existed during the war:
When Colonel William Tavington burns Charlotte's plantation, Gabriel takes her and the children to a Gullah settlement along the coast where she and the children stay. Later, Gabriel and Benjamin make a visit where the 'festive' mood of the settlement is host to Gabriel and Anne's wedding and a leap forward in Benjamin and Charlotte's relationship.

It is unlikely, that a plantation and slave owner, such as was Charlotte in the film, would have even gone to a such a colony, let alone be welcomed and given shelter in the colony.

Gullah camps did exist in the string of islands along the South Carolina and Northern Georgia coasts. They were populated by blacks who were originally brought in as slaves from Africa's Gold Coast and, in particular, Sierra Leone.

These settlements still exist today, although because of the migration of the younger Gullah, they are in danger of dying out.

Much has been made of the black employees on the Martin farm. Although few in number in the South (most would leave the region as soon as possible), there were free blacks and so such a situation as on the Martin farm was plausible.

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