Kung Fu
Kung Fu Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1 - "Cry of the Night Beast";
Teleplay by Ed Waters; Directed by Richard Lang; 10/19/74
Caine hears a baby buffalo crying and stops a hunter from killing its mother. But when mother and baby get separated, Caine must find a way to keep the baby alive until he can reunite them.

Episode 2 - "My Brother, My Executioner";
Written by John T. Dugan; Directed by Jerry Thorpe; 10/12/74
Caine tracks down Danny but doesn't get the kind of reception he expected from his brother. Soon thereafter a gunfighter arrives saying that this Danny Caine had been a very fast gunfighter with a different name just three years previously and he wants to see which one of them is faster.

Episode 3 - "This Valley of Terror";
Teleplay by Katharyn Michaelian; Directed by Henry Harris; 9/28/74
When Caine learns a young woman has visions of the signs of the dragon and the tiger that are burnt on his arms, he rescues her from those who are trying to return her to an insane asylum.

Episode 4 - "A Small Beheading";
Written by Eugene Price; Directed by Richard Lang; 9/21/74
While he is working for a woman on a ranch near a coastal town, a sea captain delivers to Caine a pardon if he returns to China. The catch, according to the captain, is that Caine must allow the 'beheading' of the little finger of his right hand.

Episode 5 - "The Predators";
Teleplay by Lloyd Richards & Ed Waters; Story by John Menken; Directed by Harry Harris; 10/5/74
Caine needs a man to return with him as a witness to the fact that he didn't kill a sheriff. But the witness is one of a gang of hunters seeking Apache scalps and an Apache, who Caine has befriended, has had a vision to kill the whole gang.

Episode 6 - "The Vanishing Image";
Written by Gustave Field; Directed by Barry Crane; 12/20/74
Caine seeks out a dying photographer who might be able to identify Danny in a group photograph. Meanwhile, Caine is tracked down by another Chinese assassin and the old man is tracked by an Indian who believes the camera has stolen his spirit.

Episode 7 & 8 - "Blood of the Dragon Part 1 & 2";
Written by John T. Dugan; Directed by Richard Lang; 9/14/74
Caine shows up in Gurneyville, on the California coast, knowing that his grandfather died there the night before. As Caine tracks down what happened to his grandfather, he is being tracked by three agents of The Imperial Guards of the Dragon Throne's Order of the Avenging Dragon which needs to kill Caine to end the shame of having failed to protect the Emperor's nephew.

Episode 9 - "The Demon God";
Teleplay by George Clayton Johnson & David Michael Korn; Story by George Clayton Johnson; Director: David Carradine; 12/13/74
In flashforwards Caine is stung by a scorpion and faces again a hallucination that he first experienced when, as a young student, he was poisoned by a Mandarin's son who wanted to learn from the temple student what awaited his dying father in the land of the dead.

Episode 10 - "The Devil's Champion"; 11/8/74
Written by Katharyn & Michael Michaelian; Directed by Robert Michael Lewis;
In China a strange challenger shows up at the temple gates to challenge Master Kan to ritual combat to the death. Caine, who is having visions, must find out who or what is behind the situation.

Episode 11 - "The Garments of Rage";
Written by Theodore Apstein; Directed by Marc Daniels; 11/1/74
After the events in "The Demon God", Caine is left battered with his clothes torn, and he is taken in by railroad workers. The railroad is being harassed by a Shaolin master who has also fled China. This former teacher offers Caine clothes that had belonged to his nephew who died in a railroad accident.

Episode 12 - "Besieged Part 1";
Written by William Kelley; Directed by David Carradine; 11/15/74
In China Master Po and Caine are dispatched to rescue the survivors of another Shaolin temple which has been destroyed by the warlord Sing Lu Chan. One of the survivors happens to be a girl.

Episode 13 - "Besieged Part 2 ";
Written by William Kelley; Directed by David Carradine; 11/22/74
As the warlord moves on the temple, Nan Chi feels she has to sacrifice herself to save everyone else, especially Caine.

Episode 14 - "A Lamb to the Slaughter"; 1/11/75
Teleplay by Robert Specht & David Michael Korn; Story by Robert Specht; Directed by Harry Harris;
Caine goes to a village on the coast of Mexico to pay a debt he owes to a man whose father died saving his father. But the only payment the man will accept is for Caine to teach him fighting/killing skills .

Episode 15 - "One Step to Darkness"; 1/25/75
Teleplay by Robert Sherman & Theodore Apstein; Story by Gerald Sanford; Directed by Marc Daniels;
Caine comes to the rescue of a woman and for his trouble is arrested by her army officer husband. The woman turns out to be addicted to a Chinese drug and introduces Caine to a mystical world where he meets a demon who claims his life for a wish the very young Caine had made while sick with typhoid.

Episode 16 - "The Thief of Chendo";
Teleplay by Simon Muntner; Story by Bernard Bossick, Larry H. Gibson & Simon Muntner; Directed by Harry Harris; 3/29/75
Master Po and the young Caine visualize what it will be like when Caine leaves the temple. The two imagine in a flashforward that Caine, now a priest, has been sent to help a duke. The young priest "finds royalty everywhere" as he runs into a prince of thieves who wants to help a princess.

Episode 17 - "Battle Hymn";
Teleplay by Herman Miller; Story by D.C. Fontana; Directed by Barry Crane; 2/8/75
While chasing Caine for the reward, a man falls from his horse and is killed. The useless death leads Caine to shaving his head. Then he undertakes to return the dead man's belongings including, it turns out, a treasure map to the man's wife in Sovalo. On the way he runs into a pair of traveling musicians who are going the same way.

Episode 18 - "The Forbidden Kingdom";
Teleplay by Norman Katkov; Story by David Korn & Norman Katkov; Directed by Harry Harris; 1/18/75
While fleeing the Imperial troops after killing the royal nephew, Caine tries to escape into Tibet. And in the process he is helped, betrayed and loved by Po Li.

Episode 19 - "The Last Raid";
Written by John T. Durgan; Directed by Alex Beaton; 4/26/75
On his way to Lordsville to answer a summons from Serenity Johnson, Caine visits old friends from "The Well" just as their son is kidnapped by former Confederate raiders who continue to fight thewar .

Episode 20 - "Ambush";
Written by Norman Katkov; Directed by Gordon Hessler; 4/4/75
Serenity Johnson from sends for Caine and then lies about how sick he is to get the priest to help him claim a $2000 debt. While with Serenity in Arizona City, Caine is shown a poster with information on the whereabouts of his brother, Danny.

Episode 21 - "Barbary House";
Written by Stephen & Elinor Karpf; Directed by Marc Daniels; 2/15/75
The poster from "Ambush" leads Caine to a place outside San Francisco. Danny has left but the owner is holding Danny's son, Zeke, and Caine is forced to become a prize fighter to stay with his nephew.

Episode 22 - "Flight to Orion";
Written by Stephen & Elinor Karpf; Directed by Marc Daniels; 2/22/75
Caine, Zeke and Zeke's mother try to find Danny before the search party which plans to find/kill him for a $10,000 reward.

Episode 23 - "The Brothers Caine";
Written by Stephen & Elinor Karpf; Directed by Marc Daniels; 3/1/75
Zeke sells himself to his grandfather so that he can acquire information to help Kwai Chang find and warn Danny. Meanwhile, Danny is told that Kwai Chang is an assassin hired to kill him.

Episode 24 - "Full Circle";
Written by Stephen & Elinor Karpf; Directed by Marc Daniels; 3/8/75
Finally the journey ends but then again it doesn't and won't until, as Caine says, "it comes full circle at my death."