MI-5/Spooks Series 2 Episode Summaries:
Episode 1 - "Legitimate Targets "; Written by David Wolstencroft; Directed by Bharat Nalluri
A car bomb kills the wife and daughters of the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland . A British army base is attacked. When the Irish terrorist group denies responsibility for the second blast and Bosnian war criminal, Miroslav Gradic, is spotted flying into the UK , the team realizes this could be the start of a revenge campaign.

Episode 2 - "The Nest of Angels "; Written by Howard Brenton; Directed by Bharat Nalluri
An MI-5 agent is identified and tortured inside a Birmingham mosque, where the Mullah is suspected of extremist activities. Before his health deteriorates, the agent tells Tom that boys are being trained to be suicide bombers. The team urgently needs to put someone else inside the mosque, but there is no one suitable. Enter Algerian spy lbhn Khaldun, who is in the UK and desperate for a British passport. Can he be trusted?

Episode 3 - "Spiders"; Written by Matthew Graham; Directed by Rob Bailey
Someone is hacking into MI-5's central computer. Files are disappearing and agents are being lost in the field. The number one candidate is a secondary school teacher, Gordon Blaney, who is face-matched near an offending computer. MI-5's files link him to a violent socialist group, the SFM. Posing as a teacher, Zoe is placed in the school. Danny, meanwhile, tries to infiltrate the SFM. Just as they are near to breaking Blaney, it becomes clear they have been looking at the wrong man. Could it be someone who has been right under their noses?

Episode 4 - "Blood and Money"; Written by Howard Brenton; Directed by Rob Bailey
After $2 billion is stolen from the last British family-owned bank in London, MI-5 is tasked to track down the thief and the money. Harry is convinced there is something they are not being told and puts Danny in the bank, undercover. It becomes obvious that the bank has secrets, and that the government is protecting it. The question is: what will the British government do with the money if they get to it first?

Episode 5 - "I Spy Apocalypse"; Written by Howard Brenton; Directed by Justin Chadwick
The team is busy at work when an alarm goes off. It's an EERIE (Extreme Emergency Response Initiative Exercise), a practice run for a national emergency - in this case, germ warfare in Central London. As the exercise continues, information dries up, power and phone lines go down, victims try to break into Thames House - and suddenly Harry gets sick. With their boss in isolation, the team tries to stay calm and pass the test, but doubts start to set in about whether or not this is for real.

Episode 6 - "Without Incident"; Written by David Wolstencroft; Directed by Justin Chadwick
When the President of the United States makes an unscheduled trip to the UK , it's a huge and complex operation. MI-5 must work with the CIA and the President's security team to ensure his safety throughout the visit. It becomes a battle for power but as each new threat comes in, it has to be dealt with.

Episode 7 - "Cleanskin"; Written by Simon Mirren; Directed by Ciaran Donnelly
The French Intelligence Service wants to work in partnership with MI-5 to catch an arms' expert, whom they suspect of trying to sell Eurofighter technology to the highest bidder. Harry, however, has 'higher' information. An operation of European unity turns into one of lies and mistrust. Tom tracks down a thief who managed to break into Harry's house and steal highly classified files and equipment.

Episode 8 - "Strike Force"; Written by Steve Bailie; Directed by Ciaran Donnelly
At an Army barracks, a platoon immaculately performs a practice exercise, led by the highly regarded Major Curtis. One of the uniformed men moving in perfect synchronicity is Tom, working undercover. The fire fighters, nurses, teachers, air traffic controllers, council workers and rail unions have all clashed with the New Labor Government. With the stability of the country under threat, MI-5 receives word of a far more serious situation: the British Army is planning strike action. MI-5 knows that Major Curtis is at the heart of this latest move and Tom is on the inside to uncover what is being planned. However, what if Tom agrees with what Curtis is fighting for?

Episode 9 - "The Seventh Division"; Written by Ben Richards; Directed by Sam Miller
A much-respected journalist and author is assassinated in his office. When MI-5 learns that he was investigating crimes against human rights in Colombia , the killing ties in with information received that a leading Colombian sicario (paramilitary) may be setting up in London . Rafa Morientes has a reputation for savagery and specializes in the murder of human rights activists and trade unionists. MI-5 discovers a connection between Rafa and the Director of Finance at Petrex, the UK 's biggest oil corporation. Could Rafa be using Petrex to attempt a coup d'état within a British company?

Episode 10 - "Smoke and Mirrors"; Writer: Howard Brenton; Directed by Sam Miller
When Tom receives a tip that a known American assassin has been sent to Britain by the Iraqis to assassinate a major British figure he faces a moral dilemma - should he share this confidential information? When he enlists help from Zoe and Danny, they become suspicious of his motives. All evidence points at Tom as he claims he's been set up. Renegade MI-5 officer, Tom, goes on the run.